Enzymes Lab Report

By:Christina Wade

Research Question

What happens to the enzymatic rate when you change the temp of the substrate

Independent variable

Tempertaure we will compare room temp to 40-50 and 70-80c

Material and Equipment


Room temperature and enzyme will need to be constant ,the amount of enzymes ,and substrate will constant the container used will be constant device used for measure enzymatic rate will be constant

Control group

We will do the same test with substrate at room temperature ,with all other condition kept constant

Dependent variable

We will measure what happens to the enzymatic rate when we change the temp of the substrate

Safety Consideration

Goggles ,tongloves for removing substrate from hot plate


First we will get 50ml of H2O at room temperature ,put it in the erienmayer flask ,then add 1ml of enzyme.(yeast) Then we will put the Corrine the top , along with the oxygen shows and allows it to collect data for 200secs ,then save the data next we got 50 ml of H2O2 at 40'-50'by using the hot plate , then we used the erienmayer flask ...