5th Grade News Letter

Week of September 7-11


We are jumping right into the math world. The students took a beginning of the year placement test along with their AIMS Web test. These test will help us determine the best way to support your child in math. This week and next week we will be starting our first unit on Place Value. Your child received their login and password for envision. You can take a look at unit one lesson 1 about exponents and powers of ten. Please make sure they are studying their math facts every night!!!

Science and Social Studies

In Science we have been doing a lot of work with the steps in the Scientific Process so far this year. The students are getting really excited about jumping into science investigations! This week and next, we are working on classifying plants and animals.

In Social Studies, students received their first Daily Geography packet. This is due for all students on Monday, September 14th.


In English Language Arts, our focus has been getting hooked into books! We talk every day about the books we are reading, how we know we are hooked on books and how to choose a Just Right Book. The kids have been revisiting what they know about story elements and elements of historical fiction (true events with fictional characters.) Students are also getting accustomed to our routines and homework assignments. Each week they are expected to log their reading minutes and write one great paragraph in response to something they have read during the week. These assignments are due on Friday and they are given a new reading chart each Friday. The assignment can be done on the Chromebook or on paper. The assignment is available to view on Google Classroom. Please read their paragraph and check to see if it makes sense and if it answers the question about their book. It’s really been a joy to get to know them and hear all about their book choices!

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Important Information

  • Read-in on Friday the 11th. Students may bring a small pillow and/or blanket
  • Student council election will be Friday September 11th.
  • 5th grade does not have band and strings next week on the 16th.

Digital Citizenship

We will be discussing what a digital footprint is and how we can create a positive footprint. Students will be creating fliers and sharing our new knowledge with a younger student!!