Things Not Seen

By: Andrew Clements

I'm not doing anything Mom it's just happening.(3)

Bobby? mom is on her feet looking at where I used to be.(8)

Because what I hand the girl is a long thin white cane because the girl is blind.(28)

And know it's the fear it's the shame . It's like being upset because your upset its like feeding itself and then it gets you fed in.(59)

It's not like I wanted this.(66)

Turns out it's a fairly dangerous idea.(71)

I don't know whether guide her or not.(82)

I'm a rotten liar even when people can't see my face(101)

I don't know what to say I wish she could see me.(131)

The database notes show the entire history of my doomed electric blanket.(181)

These quotes explain how he is invisible and how he interacts with the blind girl. " I don't know whether to guide her or not"(82), shows how he felt awkward around her and did not know when she needed assistance or when she didn't. Also he talks about how his Mom can not see him anymore. Bobby? mo is on her feet lokking at where I used to be.(28). This hows how o one can see him and how his mom was looking for him.