SHS Back-to-School Newsletter

August 2020 Community Update

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As you are aware, we have had to adjust our Restart and Recovery plans and we will be beginning the year with a focus on virtual instruction for the large majority of our students. Supervisors, building administration, instructional articulation teams, and teachers have been working to enhance our virtual learning toolbox as well as to identify target standards while modifying all curricula accordingly. Our teachers in Sparta are second to none, and they are dedicated to creating interactive and engaging lessons to ensure an effective start.

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Daily Schedule:

Our class schedule was adjusted in order to optimize instructional time. Teachers are working to create collaborative, engaging and interactive 65 minute class sessions. Students will have the opportunity to streamline their focus to 4 courses each day, with the first period of the day starting at 8:00 a.m. A lunch break from screen time for both students and teachers has been incorporated into the new A/B Schedule as well.

Academic Assistance:

We realize that students will need time to work with teachers and to receive the necessary learning supports. As such, we have built in Academic Assistance time at the end of every virtual school day when teachers will be available for extra help through either individual or smaller group conference sessions.


Attendance is required for all virtual instruction.

Daily attendance will be taken during period 1 (A Day) and period 5 (B Day). Parents will receive a call if students are not present for those classes.

In addition, teachers will take class attendance every period. Attendance for each period will be recorded in Genesis.

Technology Concerns:

Please use the following link if you are having Chromebook issues or concerns or need other tech support. Chromebook Form
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Instructional Items to Note:

  • Daily live lessons will be provided and students are required to follow class schedules and attend class meetings. Class lessons will be interactive and will take multiple forms including modeling, mini-lessons, screencast Google Slides, small group projects, project-based learning with benchmarks, etc.

  • Google Meet is the primary platform for class lessons and Academic Assistance hours.

  • Students are expected to be active participants in all live lessons.

  • Our Genesis Parent Portal Gradebook will be open to parents throughout the day.

  • Students will be required to follow the SHS Code of Conduct and Virtual Code of Conduct. Our Virtual Code of Conduct is an extension to the Code of Conduct outlined in the SHS handbook.

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Social Emotional Supports:

Social Emotional Learning will be a focus as we transition back into learning through the ALIGN program and other resources. School counselors will be available to students throughout each school day and during Academic Assistance hours.

Our licensed staff is here to assist students in achieving their health and wellness goals, enabling students to make lifestyle choices that help them achieve optimal physical, emotional and behavioral well-being. Please visit our Align Wellness Program website for additional information.