13 Curses

Michelle Harrison


The setting for this novel is England, the fairy realm, Tanya's house, and the orphanage. The book doesn't have a time because time flies in the fairy realm.


Fairies from the fairy realm have come into the mortal world and have taken James Fox, Rowan's little brother. Red swears to herself to stop at nothing to get her brother back. Even if she has to enter the fairy realm by herself. The only problem is that the Unseelie court rules in a week. She'd better get to the court fast. Will she make it on time or will it be to late to save her brother.


I recamend this book because it is my favorite book. I think people with a taste of adventure will love this book to. I give it a rating of five stars.recamendations

Main charaters

Rowan Fox or Red as she calls herself is my favorite character because she is determined,brave, watchful, and will stop at nothing to get her brother back from fairies. If I met Red I would help her with what ever she was doing.