Deflate Gate

By: Jacob Yoder

What was deflate Gate?

In the 2015 NFL Superbowl between the New England patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, The Patriots allegedly deflated the footballs were 2 PSI below the legal amount. The Seahawks say that since the footballs were under inflated that they were easier to throw and catch.

Why they were deflated

The Patriots deflated the footballs so that it was easier to catch and to throw since the weather was cold. When the weather is colder the ball becomes harder and since it would be harder that would make it harder to throw and to catch. The grip you have on a under inflated ball is a lot better than a ball that is deflated to the right PSI.

Ruling of Deflategate

A New York federal judge ruled in Tom Brady's favor and said that Brady was not guilty of Deflating the footballs in the 2015 Superbowl.