December 21st, 2018 Newsletter

Valley Oaks School

Please Note:

Important dates are at the end of this newsletter.
P.C.S. Supports Victims of the Camp Fire

Please consider dropping off a gift card with Trisha to be given to the Butte County Office of Education. (Hint: click on the blue "button" text above to access the PCS flyer about this.)

Other Student News...

Congratulations to two more December graduates: Jacob Cafiero and Justine Barnes!! Both of these polite, fun students came to VOS just this August with the intention of graduating a semester early. They buckled down, focussed, followed all instructions given to them and completed weekly hours far above and beyond their ILP numbers. We are very pleased that we could provide this opportunity for them to finish high school at the pace they desired. We are super happy for them!!!

Jacob Cafiero, who has been honored & featured in our last three newsletters, also was voted to be our November Bright News! student. Jacob was given a candy lei and his photo is now hanging on our Bright News! wall in Building #1. All staff created a Bright News! letter that was mailed to his family. Students who have demonstrated academic excellence during the prior month are discussed at staff meetings and just one is chosen to be honored. Our Bright News! form letter is on our website, HERE.

IMPORTANT Valley Oaks dates for January:

Student Appointments During the Month of January: Each student needs to present to one of their teachers the progress they have made on their Digital Portfolio. (See Ms. Lofton's message at the top of this newsletter.)

1/7/19, Monday: This is a Teacher Work Day throughout the district. There are no teacher-student appointments this day at Valley Oaks. The VOS office may or may not be open - please call or email Trisha to find out.

1/8/19, Tuesday: Valley Oaks teacher-student appointments resume after Winter Break.

1/11/19, Friday: Group #1's P.E. Group Work Out, 2:30 - 4pm (rain or shine)

1/21/19, Monday: Holiday in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.; School is closed.

1/25/19, Friday: Group #2's P.E. Group Work Out, 2:30 - 4pm (rain or shine)

1/31/19, Thursday: There are no teacher-student appointments this day. All VOS teachers will be at the California Consortium for Independent Study conference. The VOS office will still be open.

1/31/19, Thursday: This is the last day for seniors who want to participate in the Alt. Ed.

Graduation Ceremony at Lucchesi Community Center on May 29, 2019, to order their cap & gown.

Our Valley Oaks School website has the important dates for the entire school year.