Paul Revere

By:Nick Gurlea


I will be telling you about Paul Revere's famous life his early life,him as a silversmith and his famous midnight ride.What Paul Revere did as a kid.Paul Revere made some neat things while he was a silversmith.On the night April 18,1775 Paul Revere set. Out to warn people the regulars are coming

Paul Revere's early life

What Paul Revere did while he was a kid.Pauls name wouldn't be Paul Revere if he lived with his dad I would've been Apollos Rivoire since he lived with his uncle its Paul Revere.Revere got a little money and went on a ship in Boston Massachusetts.Paul stayed one year on that ship.He grew up in a crowed house in Massachusetts.Paul Revere entered a writing school in Massachusetts.When Paul Revere was 12 he left the writing school he became a silversmith.Thats Paul Reveres child hood

Pictures of Paul Revere

Paul Revere as a silversmith

When Paul was a silversmith.He made some neat things while he was a silversmith.He made iron ingots so people could make their own things.When Paul made teapots tea cups or anything with a Handel he added it on sepratly.When Paul was a silversmith he got to make his own designs . Paul also made spoons and teapots he added the handles on sepratly and made his own designs. When Paul was older his father gave him more difficult things to make out of silver. You can still see what Paul revere made at the museum.

Paul Revere's midnight ride

On the night April 18,1775 Paul set out to warn people the regulars are coming. Paul Used signals to warn if the British are coming he said "two by sea one by land". Paul rode his horse from Boston to Lexingtonto warn people that the regulars are coming. Paul didn't ride alone he rode with two other people those people are Willams Daws a young shoe maker and Samuel Adams. Those are just some of the things that Paul Revere did on his midnight ride.


That's just some of the facts abou Paul Revere his early life,him being a silversmith,and his famous midnight ride. That's what he did when he was a kid. What Paul Revere made as a silversmith you can see it Ina museum. You can walk on the trail that Paul Revere rode on when he warned people the regulars are coming. That's just some of the stuff that happend in Paul Revere's life.


Regulars-what patriots call the British

Silversmith- an artistian who makes articles out of silver ware

Uncle-the brother of ones father or mother




And then what happend Paul Revere

The many rides of Paul Revere

Paul Revere's ride


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