Cocaine Is Bad

By Carter Lowe and Sam Phillips, MOD: 2

3 Things To Do Instead Of Using Cocaine:

*Hang out with friends

*Go to the movies

*Play water polo

Short Term Effects:

*Intense depression afterwards

*Increased heart rate

*Often don't eat or sleep

Long Term Effects:

*Interferes with brain and how it processes things


*Causes you to not eat/drink as much and makes you malnourished

Other Names:

*Big C









Places to get help:

St Luke's Chemical Dependency; 1030 5th Avenue Southeast Cedar Rapids, IA 52403-2464; 1-888-272-5145 1(888)-255-1623

How it is done?

Cocaine can be snorted, injected, or smoked.
Fact: A heavy addiction can cause death in about 5 years from start.


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