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Recently, the National Guard Heritage Outreach program visited the juniors to share artifacts and replicas from the Civil War.

7th Grade SS

Seventh graders recently finished a project about the Constitution. They were required to think about the writing of the Constitution from the perspective of regular people who would have lived around the country at that point in time. Students created mini-posters to display their analysis.

The students are currently working on a project about Thomas Jefferson. They will be writing songs or poems that discuss Jefferson’s life and achievements.

8th Grade SS

Students recently completed a unit on immigration culminating in a webquest, which focused on Ellis Island and life in a tenement. The interactives can be accessed at: http://wps.greenwichcsd.org/librarymediacenter/2014/12/16/social-studies-8-immigration-project/ Currently, the students are studying the Progressive Era.

Global History and Geography, Grade 9

There is an essay test on Tuesday, January 20. Students should study the review guides provided in class. On February 10, 11, and 12 students will be working in the library media center to complete research on individuals and their roles in history.

Global Studies, Grade 10

In Global Studies 10 we just finished our unit on Nationalism and will be starting the Industrial Revolution next. We spent a few weeks before the Holiday Break researching various revolutions in history and creating projects based on the information learned. The students completed some very creative and interesting projects based on their revolution! Students wrote children’s books, created highly sophisticated board games, created information packed PowerPoints, wrote and performed raps, and made artistic sketches all about their chosen revolution. Reminder: there is a Regents Exam in Global History and Geography at the end of this year that covers material from BOTH 9th and 10th grade. Contact me at kcamadine@greenwichcsd.org with any questions!


Students enrolled in AIS and signed up for the January Regents Exams should be spending time at home studying! The Global History and Geography Regents Exam is Tuesday, January 27, 2015.

AP World History and AP Global 1

The midterm is on January 27 at 8:20 in the LMC. Please come prepared with 2 blue or black pens and two number 2 pencils. Students should be studying daily in preparation for their exam.

AP US History

The AP students recently finished a midterm exam that covered periods 1-5 of the AP curriculum. In a few weeks, they will be wrapping up Period 6. The class will also be attending a showing of “Selma” this weekend.

US History & Government, Grade 11

Currently in class we are finishing up our investigation of the Civil War. We will look at causes, effects, as well investigate Lincoln using the inquiry model. We will have a Unit Exam on Jan 22. Students will also see and investigate artifacts from the Civil War though the Heritage Outreach Program of the National Guard. Finally we will begin an informational research project on groups of Americans that will include library research, a paper, and a presentation component. The regents exam is Tuesday June 16th at 8am. Questions? dslater@greenwichcsd.org

AP Government & Politics

In AP Gov’t, we have covered interest groups and the media. Students are working hard to integrate current events into our Q/A days, researching and composing arguments about contemporary topics. Shortly we will begin a unit on government institutions that will cover Congress, the President and his bureaucracy, as well as the judiciary. The AP Exam is Tuesday May 12th at 8am!

Government & Economics, Grade 12

The seniors are studying an introduction to economics. As part of this introduction they studied the costs of a college education and completed a cost-benefit analysis of post-secondary education. The students then worked on the “Life After High School” project in which they developed a budget associated with the costs of living. The culmination of these activities was a visit by recent graduates of GCS (pictured) to discuss their post high school experiences.

We are continuing our exploration of economics by studying the US economic system.

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