Trade your fat for a longer life

- Be 80 and still have the energy like a 25 year old

Working out

It is a proven fact that working out will give you more energy, a longer life, and on top of it all, a nice body. With that said, you don't have to work out just to get a nice body, there are a lot more simpler ways.

A person thats done it

Meet Lisa, she is 43 and a single mum. She was struggling with weight issues, that was until she heard of fat for a longer life. Now she is on her way to get married with her new husband. She got a promotion at her job and is doing great.

This is what Lisa said when we asked how she felt after Fat for a longer Life "I feel so much more alive, I now have the energy to play with my kids"

Don't go all or nothing go in-between

Keeping it moderate

There is no need for a complete absent of junkfood if you are trying to loose weight - just moderate how much junk food you eat. A study suggest it is easier to loose weight if you eat all 3 meals a day and stick to a snack a day.

About the writer

Bernt Larsson is 32.

He has a p.h.d in food studies, and has been working with many great chefs throughout his career. He lives in New York and regularly attend health meetings.