The Frosty Truth

Athlete: Matthew ANTOINE

The Frosty Truth

Get ready! I will be telling you about the Frosty Truth about the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. I will also be telling you about my Athlete of chose Matthew Antoine. You will be able to know what he is doing at the winter Olympics because we will be giving you his twitter account where he is constantly tweet to his followers. You will be also reading about what he is doing during his race February 14th which is when Heat 1 and Heat two will be showing for the men in the winter Olympics. Just keep checking in for more information about the 2014 Winter Olympics, Matthew, and Skeleton. See you soon!

P.s: Here is a treat. Matthew's Twitter follow him, to see his person views of the winter Olympics.

Wondering What Skeleton is? I can tell you!

Skeleton is a fast winter sliding sport in which an individual person rides a small sled down a frozen track while lying face down.
It wasn't formally introduce to the Olympics until 2002. If you think about it, its still a new event in the Olympics.
"Skeleton involves a descent on a special track with artificially frozen ice in a sled. The Olympic skeleton competition lasts for two days. Each athlete completes a total of four runs. Medals are awarded based on total time over the four runs, with the winner having the lowest overall time." -Sochi2014

The Article below will also explain what Skeleton is, better then I did.

Olympic Skeleton Racin: How the body looks & muscles used!

This video will show you how a skeleton racer's body looks and the amount of pressure they put on their body as they are racing on the track. It isn't a long video. it's only a 23 second long video. It is a short video but, it show you some really good stuff.
Olympic Skeleton Racing

Information on Skeleton.

This article is just to help my reader understand Skeleton a little more. It gives you background on the sport. It will also show you a video of an old race, at the last Olympics. It is overall a good read and really interesting so check it out.
Below the article is the video that is in the article, I would prefer you to read the article before and watch the video in the article. But you would watch the video here.
The Battle For Skeleton Gold | Olympic Rewind

Fireworks During the opening event.

Opening Event!

My first written piece for this newsletter. I will be telling you about something that happen during the opening event that I thought was pretty funny. I don't know if they did it on purpose or on accident.

Its finally here, the Olympics 2014. Sochi will be hosting it this time. There are over 3000 athletes with 88 nations. At the begin on the Ceremony, some of you would notice that, one of the rings did not expand, I wonder what happen there. There were a little problems when the games started. The USA is in third with two 2 gold and 1 bronze. Its still the beginning.


Friday, Feb. 14th, 4pm to Saturday, Feb. 15th, 10pm

56/1, Gorkogo street, Sochi Railway station, Sochi

This is where the skeleton races will be held, during there normal times. They are being held in Sochi Russia.

What the olympic Skeleton is really like, Sochi 2014.

A woman will start off the video. She tells you about how the Olympic track is like. She will also explain how this track is like no other track. She speaks clearly and it is easy to undersand what she is telling you about the track.
What Olympic Skeleton is really like | Sochi 2014

Who is Matthew Antoine?

He will be one of the athlete representing the USA. He was born April 2nd, 1985. He began doing skeleton 2003. He first became interested after watching the 2002 Olympics. In 2008, he led the Intercontinental Cup standing, he place fourth in Junior World Championship, and placed third in U.S National Championship. He joined the World Cup team for the second half of the 2008-2009 season. He won his first ever World Cup medal, which was bronze, in Whistler, Canada. He had a really good season in 2013-2014, this would include some World Cup medal performances.

Information borrowed from TeamUSA

Matthew Antoine misses Skeleton podium

"2011, Igls, Austria, FIBT, Men's World Cup Skeleton, by .11 second, Antoine (USA) who was third after run one, drops to 4th and off the podium in run two, he's now 4th in the World Cup."
Matthew Antoine misses Skeleton podium - from Universal Sports

Matthew takes 8th place

This is from 2009, Koenigssee, Germany. This was early on in his career. Even though this time was fasted then his later time in 2013. He still only took 8th place. I feel like he could of done better. It must be because I believe in him. He seems to be doing better now.
Antoine starts inside top ten

Other Important U.S Skleteon Racers!

U.S.A women takes the Sliver.

This article will give you a little information the women who won the sliver during, the Olympics here is a little piece of the article.
"An Olympic medal had eluded Noelle Pikus-Pace in the cruelest of ways during her career.

In 2005, a runaway bobsled struck her in an outrun of a Canadian track, shattering her leg and causing her to miss the Turin Games in 2006. Five years later, she missed a medal by one-tenth of a second in Vancouver.

So, her jubilation was understandable Friday after she finished second in the women's skeleton event."

Article about The families of Olympians.

This article has a number of Olympian's family information, like things the Olympians said to their family as they were leaving. Some were worried about their families' flying over to Russia, some told their family to help make sure nothing happened to them while they were race, such in bad new reports, or something bad happened at home.

John Daly Writtien Interview.

This article is about how Daly felt during his mistake during the final race of skeleton. They also have a few quote from him saying he is proud of Matthew fore getting the bronze even though it did hurt him losing. He said "but I do wish I could get that last run back…just one more chance.”
That's good sportsmanship

Back to My main point of Matthew Antoine

Matthew Antoine Fights for the Bronze Medal?

Look at how happy he was receiving the bronze.

Matthew Antoine gets the bronze medal. After he wins the bronze he tweets, “Someone's
character is defined by their hardships. No one’s character is stronger than that of @JohnDalyUSA. Thank you for being my teammate.” We should all know that these two men are good friends but, did you know that the two were fighting for the bronze, no it wasn’t a fist fight or an argument it was a sled to sled fight. There was a little problem when John Daly had jumped on to his sled, he couldn’t control it. Even after the race the two were still friends as you can see he tweeted Matthew, “Last night was the first time in my career my emotions came flooding out. I'm so proud of @MattAntoine and so proud to represent the USA” on Feb 16th. Maybe next year they will go head to head again and we will see who get its next year. They are both still young. Nice Job boys!

Antonie fights for the Olympic dream.

The article below tells you about the things that Matthew went throw just to become Olympic bronze winner.
Here is a small piece of the article. " before the celebratory toast, before the first World Cup victory, before the rushed comeback following knee surgery, before the disappointment of not competing in Vancouver...."

News Team gets to talk to Matthew on the phone. (Article/video)

This is an article but, I am sharing it to you guys because of the video. I would like you guys to watch it, because in this video they are on the phone with Matthew, he tells them personally how happy he is. Of course feel free to read the article it was a will written piece.

Matthew takes 1st place.

Look at him go! This is at the Fibt World Cup 2013. As you watch this you will see how fast he is going. You will also see how close he was to getting second place. He was only a second off before he would of got second, thank god he first 1:47.58. You guys have to admit that was a pretty close race.
American Antoine wins Lake Placid Skeleton - Universal Sports