Meredith Ellenwood Step by Step

If dance were any easier, it would be called football.

Step Into It!

I love to dance, sing, act, spend time with my family, and hangout with my friends. I believe in the one and only god and my lord and savior Jesus Christ. I learn in a visual way, I have to see it to understand. My biggest goal is to be a professional dancer, and be the best that I possiably can. I am very hard on my self, but I think it pushes me to be the best I can be. These are good things to bring to a career, because you have skills and values that will help you go over the call of duty.

Turn About!

My career is a dancer and here are somethings that you may need to know before enter such a career.

Job Description - Dancers use the movement of their bodies in combinations to entertain an audience.

Median Salary - About $13.16 an hour.

Job Outlook - Growth is 18% for the employment of dancers.

Cluster - Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications.

Work Schedule - Practices/ classes in the day and performances at night.

Work Environment - Studio and or theater group.

Now that we talked about the information lets get into a fun fact! Did you know that research shows that dance can release stress in the mind and body.

Hard Work Pays Off

Hard work with out without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy.

How To Get To The Barre

No one is born on the dance floor we all have to get there somehow. After I get out of high school I would like to go to The University of Oklahoma. I want to go here because there is a dance school there and my family has a history there (it's also really close.) The is no specific degree to be a professional dancer it's based on the amount of years you have and experience. The I want to go to the dance school that is located in the university as well as the university it'self. Dance school doesn't pay for it'self so the cost for 30 hours is $8,915.50. You can apply for a scholarship for the dance school at the university after you are admitted in the university it'self.