Ella Ewing

By Thomas Moody

Her Beggining... And Death

Ella Ewing was born on March 9, 1872 in La Grange as an only child. A while later her family moved to a farm in Scotland County, Missouri. At the age of 7 she started growing rapidly, age of 14 she was 6 feet, because she suffered from Pituitary Gigantism. She died January 10, 1913 at the age of 40.

Major Struggles

Everybody would gawk because of how tall she was, another one is she was too embarrassed to join the circus but started to like it very much, because all of the other people in the circus were so nice.

Major Accomplishments

One Major Accomplishment was becoming famous, Another was having an exhibit in the 1994 Louisiana Purchase Expesition in St.louis and the Lewis and Clark contennial exposition of 1905 in Portland Oregon.

Interesting Facts

An interesting fact is that the Ella Ewing lake was made in her honor, also one is that she said that she was delighted with being in the circus, because everybody was always being so nice.

Other Information

In 1890 she was asked if she would go to a museum for a month in chicago, because she was so tall.