Juan Mashl

Basic Information

- it will be a experience for me to see if this is a good career

-I might find something that could be immune to. Cancer

-90 schools in the us offer immunology classes

-immunology focuses on study's in how people get sick

-vaccine can make you immune for a little bit

-nothing is immune fully yet

-this is ,oust likely to be a successful job

-I will most likely like this job

-you learn more about immunology at colleges

-more things art ought bedsides biology

-good work

Pros and Cons


-I can learn hot to make the immune shots

-I could learn better the others

-it would be better for me


-it has not been cleared their is some thing immune yet

-nothing has been made fully

-something could go wrong in testing

What You Need To Get This Career

High School Classes

I need to take science to become this.

College Classes

About 5 years in coulee.