#WEETigers News

Board Report December 2014

SBAC Test Training

The past two Monday's were spent looking at the new SBAC test the students will take this Spring. The teachers were able to take both the Math and ELA test and provide feedback to the rest of the group about what worked and what will be a challenge. We feel our kids will have an advantage to the technology format since they have been using technology for so long. Our grade levels will meet this week to talk about a plan for getting the kids and teachers ready.

PTO Update

If you build it.....

PTO is back! We have a great group of a few parents who are reviving our PTO. We have held about 3 official meetings but there is a lot of communication behind the scenes. A couple of their big projects will be updating our Prize Patrol closet/store and hosting a Santa Shop for the kids. Next week students will be able to buy inexpensive gifts for their friends and family with help of some of our PTO moms! The teachers are really excited about this too.