My Social Construct

By Ruben Reynoso


I am a male if you all cant tell and this impacts how I view things compared to how females would view things. So being a male my views on certain politcal topics and social issues can be differ. I may see some things not as serious that females may find very serious or I might find things more serious over things females wouldnt find as serious.


My education can impact me drastically. My education can impact just how well I can express myself. For example if im not educated well on a certain political issue and I just baffle on and on with no knowledge towards the topic I can make a fool of myself. Also an education can also impact me financial wise because if I dont have an education I probably wont be able to make as much money as compared to those who are well educated.


Religion has a big impact because it gives me a certain way to look at things and issues that not everyone may agree with. This can lead to a lot of disagreements but it can also lead to how I make choices in life. Due to my religion it can influence me to make certain desicions or choices that can affect me in a positive or negative way.

Race and Ethnicity

My race and ethnicity can play a major role in my life. It can impact me economically when it comes to applying for a job or it can also impact my views on certain things. My race and ethnicity also can impact my culture and how I live.


My family can impact me in ways I see life. Like due to my family most my descicions are based off my family or from the advise given to me from my family. Most of the things I do are for the best of my family.
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