Watertown Elementary PE Newsletter

Week of March 30th

7 Day Fitness/Nutrition Family Challenge

The Watertown Elementary P.E. teachers have put together a 7 Day Fitness/Nutrition Challenge. The challenge includes activities you can do together each day. These challenges are intended to promote a healthy lifestyle. Have an active, healthy week!


Eileen Donahue Lowell School P.E. Teacher

Tina Loguidice Lowell School P.E. Teacher

Lisa Bartlett Hosmer School P.E. Teacher

Michelle Fitzgerald Hosmer School P.E. Teacher

Michael Tempesta Cunniff School P. E. Teacher

Click on the link below for a quick hello from your P.E. teachers and a few reminders about staying active and healthy!


7-Day Student/Family Fitness Challenge

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7-Day Student/Family Fitness Challenge

Day #1

10 minute walk/run

25 jumping jacks-

5 high kicks

5 push ups

5 curl ups

Did you eat one food from each food group?

Name one from each:






Day #2

Find something to jump over and jump over it 10 times.

Choose 3 stretches and hold them each for 15 seconds.

20 arm circles.

Name your favorite vegetable:___________________

Day #3

Get into crab, or bear crawl, position and walk into each room in your house. Remember, do not go down stairs! How many rooms did you enter?______________

Name 3 healthy foods you ate today.




Day #4

Play a game in your yard for 30 minutes.

(wall ball, 2 square, 4 square, kicking/volleying, throwing a ball with a partner, etc.)

Choose an exercise to do. Do 10 of them.

ex. (Jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups etc)

How many fruits did you eat today?

Did you eat an apple, orange, or banana?

Day #5

Do 30 twists

Run up and down at least 4 steps of stairs.

How many steps did you step on?______

How many times did you climb them?_______________

Remember, water is the bodies most important nutrient!

How many glasses of water did you drink today? ____________

Day #6

If you watch TV today, run in place for 30 seconds during the commercials.

Sweep and/or vacuum your entire house.

You are helping and staying in shape!

Dairy products help your bones stay strong!

What are two types of dairy you ate today?



Day #7

Create a bowling game in the

hallway in your home. You’ll

need plastic bottles/cans/cups and

a ball to knock them down.

Have fun!

Having snacks during the day to keep you

energized, what are 2 healthy snacks you had today?



Activity & Nutrition Resources

Remember: It’s recommended to do 60 minutes of physical activity each day.

For more ideas and fun physical activity and nutrition videos, look at the following videos and sites:

Fun Family Workout: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1rK5qacNwHYCKaJp6

MyPlate Nutrition Website: https://www.choosemyplate.gov/

Quick Zumba Workout (Shake It Off, Taylor Swift): https://youtu.be/q0U1A7ovy3I

Total Body Workout You Can Do as a Family!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmWPRv6g9aI

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