You can talk to astronauts!


No, not the food, but a type of radio called amateur radio. (Ham comes from an insult meaning ham fisted operators because the smashed the morse code button) It is useful in many ways. You can rarely speak to people on the other side of the world. In emergencies when phones are down, roads are blocked and possible a flood, trusty ham radio will always work (if you don't run out of batteries) This is also what astronauts use and you can pick up their broadcasts at 144.49. Some schools talk to them.

CB radio

This should sound more familiar. This is Citizens Band radio and it's what truckers use. They can be used when you are on the highway and need information. I once heard somebody say that there was an accident up ahead and we avoided it. These are free to use and do not require a license. In the 70s truckers needed fuel for their trucks, so they used CB to find gas stations and this was also the oil crisis. their range varies based on wattage.

QnA with Colin!

What was the first type of walkie talkie?

"The first radio receiver/transmitter to be widely nicknamed "Walkie-Talkie" was the backpacked Motorola SCR-300" (

What is a dx?

"Amateur radio operators who specialize in making two way radio contact with other amateurs in distant countries are also referred to as "DXers". On the HF (also known as shortwave) amateur bands, DX stations are those in foreign countries."(

What does "10-4" mean?

      "10-4 simply means yes, I understand your message"(

    What is. walkie talkie used for

    A walkie-talkie (more formally known as a handheld transceiver, or HT) is a hand-held, portable, two-way radio transceiver. Its development during the Second World War has been variously credited to Donald L. Hings, radio engineer Alfred J. Gross, and engineering teams at Motorola.(

What is the frequency range of walkie talkie?

The Family Radio Service (FRS) is an improved walkie-talkie radio system authorized in the United States since 1996. This personal radio service uses channelized frequencies around 462 and 467 MHz in the ultra high frequency (UHF) band.(

Walkie talkie

This is used in many, many things. It is used for hunting, business, and military. They where first used in WW2, and were worn like backpacks. These require no license to use, and the maximum wattage is half a watt.
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