America's West!

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Our Manifest Destiny

God himself has proclaimed it is this country's right, it's destiny to expand westward! We have claimed the east as ours, and declared it the free nation, now we must do the same with the west. It is your place as a servant of God to settle the savage land of the west. Fulfill your destiny proclaimed by God and take this land.

“[Let] the poor the needy and oppressed of the Earth, and those who want Land, resort to the fertile lands of our western country, the second land of Promise, and there dwell in peace, fulfilling the first and great commandment.” -George Washington

Need Land? Try The Homestead Act

This will go down as the best deal in American history. 827,000 square miles of land to the west was recently acquired by America from the French for no more than 15 million dollars. Now, thanks to this great nation blessed by God, you yourself may own a piece of this land. For just 10 dollars you can own 160 acres of land. 160 acres! For just 10 dollars! You want even more than that? Get 320 acres of land for just 20 dollars! This is the simplest purchase you'll ever make. It takes no sense thought what so ever. Just hand over 10 dollars and you'll get 160 acres for close to no cost.

Oh, and don't worry about those pesky Native American savages... we already took care of them for you.

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Get Yourself A Farm!

Looking for an honest man's job? Well look no further! All of the land to the west is now open for use. Take yourself a speck of land from the Homestead Act and get your family rolling down the path of wealth. The land from the Louisiana Purchase is so fertile it could potentially feed the entire world! So move on out west and set your family up for generations to come.

Introducing the Transcontinental Railroad

No longer do you have to wait months on end for you supplies to come in, or your goods be delivered. The new Transcontinental Railroad is here to take you across the entire country! It's powerful steam engine allows it to go days on end without the need for rest. Allow more to be delivered in one trip than what use to take 10. The railroad may have been built by the immigrants, but trust us... they're not sticking around.

Industrial Revolution Effect

Steel plows, railroads, cotton gins we got it all! So more does your hard labor have to be hard. The industrial Revolution is here to help you make your life easier. But don't worry, these amazing inventions won't put you out of a job like they did once before. You know that farm you're trying to start up for your family? Well you'll have it supplying the entire country with these new and amazing inventions, all thanks to the Industrial Revolution.

Escape from Political & Religous Persecution

Sick of being told what to believe in and who to support? Then travel to the U.S. were the land in cheap and you are free. Free from oppression, and free from being afraid to express your beliefs. Come to America. Where it's the land of the free, the sidewalks are paid with gold, and there is a lollipop on every corner.