Weekly Newsletter

Holiday Spirit!

This week has been full with joy and fun! You can feel the holiday spirit everywhere in our classroom!

First we celebrated Mother's Day with an amazing Spa Day hosted by our kids; then we continued learning and playing with festive games and crafts.

We had the opportunity to watch a Puppet Show from high school students on Wednesday. Everyone had so much fun!

in our classroom we enjoyed matching holiday themed shadows, writing letter to Santa, creating ornaments for the tree, making and wrapping presents....loads and loads of fun!

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Mother's Day

Puppet Show: Snow White

It's pretty much a given that children pay more attention to stories when there are visual cues like pictures or animations to flesh out the narrative. So going to a puppet show was amazing for them!

High School students created a puppet stage, their own puppets and edited the script. They did a great job!

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Santa's Workshop

Work, work, work for these little elves! This has been, without a doubt, their favorite Dramatic Center theme. With the new addition of Wrapping Presents, children love spending time in the Workshop.

You can thank me later when they wrap all of your holiday presents!

Matching Shapes

Can you guess who's shadow this is? Concentration, imagination and memory all in one game!

Writing Skills for Santa's Letter

Providing young children with rich writing experiences can lay a foundation for literacy learning. I love making writing materials available in their classrooms and providing opportunities to write during the school day.


So many toys....such creative minds! Well guess whats their favorite new game????

Hide and Seek in a box!

Sticky Art

Simple materials sometimes make the best activities. Contact paper, permanent markers, and an assortment of materials we had around the classroom helped us create this Sticky Holiday Art.

After tracing a x-mas tree, a wreath, a snowman, and a reindeer we placed the contact paper facing out. Children enjoyed decorating each several times. They even did some collaborative art.



  • PK 3 Christmas Party at 10:00 am. Come wearing festive clothes
  • Send box of color pencils for Tuesday (for the Holiday Party Gift Bag)
  • Friday Dec. 18th is a half day
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