Digital Citizenship Nine Elements

by Huey Cheng (Period 5)

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is the ability to understand and use information from a wide range of digital sources. It also reflects on your skills and behaviors with digital devices. For example, you need info on flying fish and go to the library but there is no book available. If that happens, use the internet to help yourself.

Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette are rules for people to follow in order to make the internet safe for other people. Treat people digitally the same way you treat other's in real life. For example, you are cyber bullied. That means that the bully is not fallowing digital etiquette.

Digital Law

Digital Law are a set of laws that relates to people stealing other people work, identity, or digital property. For, example you are buying pizza online but your notice that a digital thief stole your money. If that happens, that person is violating digital law

Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Digital Rights and Responsibilities is that people can use any digital sources while using it in a appropriate manner. For example, you friend is using the internet inappropriately. If that happens, you friend has no digital responsibility.

Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce is when you buy stuff from the internet. Example, Cyber Monday sales people buy online. For example, you go to GameStop to but and XBOX One but they don't have it. If that happens you can buy it from Amazon.

Digital Communication

Digital Communication is when you communicate digitally. For example, you want to talk to your friend and your go to his/her house but he/she is not there. If that happens you can email, or text them.

Digital Health and Wellness

Digital Health and Wellness is using technology safely and appropriately. Some bad stuff could happen like internet addiction or other stuff. For example, Picking the right mouse and keyboard. Arthritis can develop from constant typing and clicking

Digital Access

Digital Access is participating in digital activity. The ability to access any digital device to access the digital society. For example you lose your homework. If that happens, with digital access you can print it out.

Digital Security

Digital Security is having your digital information safe. It doesn't allow strangers to look at your info. For example, someone haves you digital information. If that happens, have better digital security.