Mabe Team news!

November Specials

The Oil of the Month is Rosemary! Place your LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) order to ship on or by the 15th, AND total 125PV (product value) or more, and you will receive a 15ml bottle of Rosemary Essential Oil with your order.

Save 10% this month on the Terrazyme Digestive Enzyme Complex. Read about this wonderful product using the link below. Everyone needs to be taking Terrazyme to help break down our foods.

Enroll in Life promotion has been extended!!!!

For each new enrollment who has 100PV (product value) enrollment between November 1-15, AND sets up a LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) order to ship between December 1-15, will receive a free Life Long Vitality pack! This is a huge savings!

Health, Wellness & Fitness with Paul Holmes

Wednesday, Nov. 6th, 7pm

1051 Park Avenue Northwest

Norton, VA

Paul Holmes, Founder & Director of Tiger Rugby (Official OLYMPIC Development Academy) will be at the Holiday Inn of Norton this Wednesday to speak on health, wellness & fitness using dōTERRA products! Paul is a Personal Trainer who has helped thousands of people lose weight, get in shape, and live a healthy life. He and his wife Betsy are Blue Diamonds with dōTERRA. This is a very rare opportunity, so be sure you all come to this event. There will be tons of prizes given away, including all of the newest products from dōTERRA!!!!

Please invite everyone you know to attend this event. We will be in the upstairs banquet room that seats over 100 people! We need to fill all of these seats to show Paul how much we appreciate his time and help to add more people to our oil families!

This is the perfect event for men to attend too. Paul will be covering things like: Weight loss, More energy, How to burn more calories, Better results from your exercise and workouts, What you need to stay well all year long, How to avoid exercise induced injury, How to recover from sore muscles, strains, injuries, plus he'll speak about the newest research on cancer and the new products from dōTERRA!

Register using the below link to get your name into the prize drawings:

2013 Holiday Products Now Available!

Be sure you add these to your order as soon as possible. I'm sure some of these will sell out quickly. For all of you who are new this year, you will definitely want the Holiday Joy oil blend to diffuse in your homes or offices! It is just delicious! I used it to scent my Christmas Tree last year! Love it! There are some amazing new products.

The oil rack is one I'm excited about. It can be placed in so many places in your homes to make your oils easily accessible! For instance, put one on your bathroom sink for some of your doTERRA skin care items, Immortelle, Lavender, On Guard, Balance or any other oils you use in the morning and at night.

Use one in your kitchen for all of your cooking oils!

Put one in the kids' rooms for their favorite oils. This will make it easier for them to remember to apply their oils each day.

You will find all of the new products under the 'Special Offers' tab in your dōTERRA office.

Healthy Holidays with dōTERRA

Tuesday, Nov. 19th, 6:30-8:30pm

1051 Park Avenue Northwest

Norton, VA

Come join us as we talk about staying healthy for the Holidays, and share holiday recipes using essential oils! We'll have some special treats for each person who attends, as well as delicious holiday refreshments. This is a great time to invite your family and friends to be a part of dōTERRA, so bring someone with you! If you have been thinking of hosting a class, just bring your invites to this class! This takes the pressure and stress off of you!

This class will be presented by Spring Esteppe.

Aroma Touch Technique Certification November 20th, 8:00 - 3:00

This is a great opportunity to get more out of your essential oils! Peggy Smith, dōTERRA Presidential Diamond will be coming all the way from Utah to teach this certification class! The cost is $150.00, which includes all 8 of the essential oils needed to do Aroma Touch Sessions, plus the Aroma Touch Book. If you are interested in getting certified, please get your money to me or Spring Esteppe no later than November 10th. If you write checks, they will not be cashed until November 15th.

Treat yourself this Holiday Season with the gift of Aroma Touch! You can give your entire family the most wonderful gift too! An Aroma Touch Massage!!!! Be sure you watch the video embedded above.

If you live out of town, the Holiday Inn is offering discounted room rates for this event, as it will be held there.

Build your dōTERRA Business with Peggy Smith

Wednesday, Nov. 20th, 6:30pm

1051 Park Avenue Northwest

Norton, VA

If you'd like to have your oils paid for, or if you just need a better understanding of the business side of dōTERRA, then you need to attend this class! Peggy Smith, Presidential Diamond will be teaching the class. If you'd like to earn money just by telling others about doTERRA, please come to this class. Peggy has some amazing tips and information to share with us all. This is very exciting to have here here in Southwest Virginia!

November Incentives

I'm offering a few incentives this month! This is something you may want to do for your hosts if you are doing your own classes.

Host Incentive: Host a class with me in November with 8 adult guests in attendance, and receive a doTERRA keychain with empty sample vials to take your oils wherever you go!

Enrollment Incentive: Personally enroll 3 new members in November, and receive a free diffuser!

About Me

I want you all to know that I am here for anything you may need! This is my only job now, so please don't hesitate to contact me with questions, needs, or to share a success story!

As most of you know, I began this journey with doTERRA just over a year ago. Life has not been the same since I received my enrollment kit! These amazing oils and other products from doTERRA have completely changed our lives! It's so nice not having to go to the doctor, or take vaccinations. I am in control of my family's health. What a blessing! I know that a lot of you have said the same thing. I've heard so many wonderful success stories from you about what doTERRA has done for you and your family. Wow! We all need to be telling more people about our successes, and essential oils! I challenge everyone to tell at least 2 people this week about doTERRA. If you need samples of oils to give out, let me know!

We have been busy getting ready for our upcoming move. We have found a home we love at the new location. I will be here until December 18th. After that date, our new home will be in Somerset Kentucky. I will be coming back to Southwest Virginia to do classes at least once a month. If you have someone who would like for me to come teach a class for them, please let me know as soon as possible. God has big plans for us I am sure. I will be working to build my doTERRA business in Kentucky soon. If you have anyone who lives in or near Somerset that would like to host a class, please get with me. The areas that are close to Somerset are Lexington KY, Monticello KY, Corbin KY, London KY, Middlesboro KY, Middlesboro TN, Harrogate TN, and Knoxville TN.

I hope each of you have a very blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving! Be sure you all have Digestzen on hand during these upcoming months. This is a time when we tend to eat things we normally do not, and at times over eat! Be sure to share your oils with friends and family this holiday season. What better gift to give than the gift of health?!