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WES 4th Grade Gifted Support Update...A Flurry of Activity!

Where We've Been...

As the air turns a bit chillier, we are just warming up in Humanities!

A few weeks ago we finished up with our study of Pennsylvania and shifted gears into reading The Bread Sister of Sinking Creek. Last week we were fortunate enough to meet the author of this historical fiction piece, Robin Moore, at Richboro Middle School. There was no prouder teacher there than I, as your children listened intently as he told his fascinating stories and engaged the children into brainstorming and writing.

As we studied Pennsylvania a lot of focus was on William Penn. For those of you who don't know, Pennsbury Manor is a local gem of history and is a perfect afternoon trip on a nice day! Check it out at

Also, some of the students have expressed interest in reading more of Robin Moore's work. These are available at the library, and of course online and at book stores. His website offers audio downloads as well. Check it out!


Today we will finally come to the end of The Bread Sister of Sinking Creek. The big question...will Maggie marry John or will she bravely flee to the West in search of her Aunt Franny? Stay tuned! :) We will finish the week doing a final project for "Bread Sister."


Next week we will be MAP testing which will help me measure student's growth and predict student achievement over time. Please know that all CR elementary Humanities students take this test and the results are solely used to help me in my goal planning for your child.

We will then start our road trip out of Pennsylvania and into the United States Northeast! Much of our content will be from where the children have their own accounts.

Wishing all of you and you families a wonderful holiday season!