HISD 2021 Bond Quick Facts

Big picture

The Huntsville ISD 2021 Bonds are split into two propositions: Proposition A for $92,000,000 and Proposition B for $35,000,000.

Proposition A at a glance:

In addition to funding safety and security enhancements at every campus, Proposition A provides major projects at Mance Park Middle School, including: more classrooms and support spaces for the addition of 6th graders to the campus, a larger and more appropriate band suite, renovation of the gyms, dressing rooms and other athletic spaces, construction of a new kitchen/cafeteria with stage for performing arts, and various priority maintenance projects throughout the campus to improve the educational environment.

In addition to the safety and security upgrades included in Proposition A for all elementary campuses, additional classrooms will be added to incorporate Pre-Kindergarten and 5th grade students for our grade realignment, as well as prioritized maintenance projects to update the schools.

Proposition A will also provide Huntsville High School with a new district auditorium, our first ever baseball and softball fields on campus, safety & security upgrades, and priority maintenance projects and campus updates.

Proposition B at a glance:

This separate proposal will provide renovations to the existing multi-purpose stadium (Hornet Field) and other support facilities. Proposed projects at the stadium include new home and visitors stands, press box, ticket booth, restrooms, concessions, field house, and score board. Proposition B also includes funds for new tennis courts and new practice fields for all outdoor sports and activities. The stadium will be used for way more than just athletics, providing space for fine arts and other large events, and will also host our annual graduation ceremony on our campus in our own community.

Huntsville ISD is 1 of only 2 districts in the state of Texas that does not have its own district stadium and pays to hold events at other stadiums and facilities.

Multi-purpose facilities, such as the ones in Proposition B, are proven to generate revenue for local businesses and the local sales tax base as playoff games, tournaments for various sports, marching band competitions and other large events draw spectators and participants from other communities. They will eat here, shop here and add to our local economy!

This year, the Hornet football team had to finish its season at Madisonville ISD’s stadium because the SHSU stadium was not available to us. Huntsville ISD has used SHSU facilities for varsity football games, graduation ceremonies, prom and other large gatherings for decades. While we appreciate our relationship with SHSU, it is not the University’s responsibility to provide facilities for us. Likewise, there are no guarantees their facilities will be available for us to use when we need them as we have recently experienced.

2021 Factual Bond Presentation Video
For all factual information on the HISD 2021 Bond, visit https://www.huntsville-isd.org/2021Bond.