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Make Way for Handball

Apparently Handball is blowing up this year,though Coach Smith has been teaching it for years. Handball is so popular that Coach created a new afterschool club called the Handball club that meets every other week. In fact, Coach had the class championships this week in PE. Rumor has it Coach is planning for our school to play another school for the first time! Handball is such a fun sport and such a popular trend!

By Ibtesam Alharbi and Sarah Alharbi

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A Holiday Road Trip!

You want info? We got it! “It’s a holiday road trip! Come and join the fun!” It is on the 14th of December. Look everybody if your schedule’s are clear! ‘Cause the Yarbrough Winter Musical is very, very near! Come and see 3rd, 4th and 5th grade perform on a beautiful winter day. Just remember your coats because the wonderful voices will bring you the chills! OF AMAZEMENT!!! “Come on now, you don’t wanna be late! Our hoilday road trip is gonna be great! It’s Christmas time!!!”

By: Taylor James and Julia Decoteau

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Spunky Sports

The sports club has 60-70 kids and three teachers to teach them. Handy Handball and Beat 'Em Basketball are the two energetic sports that are played in the club. The coaches give peppy pep talks to the sporteers to pump them up. The two famous sports are beloved by the club sporteers and play them commonly. Well, it's game day and I gotta play today.

By Riley Nelson & Harris O`Gwinn

Congratulations Mrs. Mooty and Mrs. Vicki

On December 4th 2015, Yarbrough had a Leadership Assembly where they recognized the November teacher (Mrs. Mooty) & staff (Mrs. Vicki) of the month. Mrs. Mooty got selected, because her class thinks she is passionate, loving, joyful, and creative. Mrs. Vicki got selected because the kids appreciate her coming at 4:45am just to get breakfast for about 250 kids. She also has only 3 hours after breakfast to get lunch ready for the same amount of people.

The school appreciates both Mrs. Mooty and Mrs. Vicki so much for all their hard work! They really deserved it!

By: Emerson Hornsby, Shivani Babu and Josie Johnson

Mrs. Taylor’s Hard Work Pays Off

On November 5, Mrs. Taylor a fifth grade teacher won Teacher of the Year. She did it all through hard work and patience. This is her third year at Y.E.S “She is the best teacher ever and always has a smile on her face.” Mrs. Taylor continues to teach her homeroom along with Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Baugh’s homeroom.

By: Millie Walker and Wren Belcher

New fourth grade teachers here 4 new fun

We interviewed three new 4th grade teachers here at Yarbrough. We interviewed Mrs. Oprandy, Mrs. Day, and Mrs. Turner. You would have never guessed the stories behind the wonderful teachers. If you would like to learn more about their stories, read on!

The first question we asked them was, “What made you want to come to Yarbrough?”

“It is different and new,” was Mrs. Day’s answer.

Mrs. Turner was actually an intern for Mrs. Ramey and Mrs. Oprandy thought that older kids might be fun.

The “why,” was, “Why did you want to be a fourth grade teacher?”

Mrs. Turner’s answer was the same, she interned in fourth grade.

“It is ‘just the right age’ to teach,” Mrs. Oprandy replied.

Mrs. Day said it is a comfortable age and in her safe zone.

The “where,” was, “Where did you teach before Yarbrough?”

Mrs. Turner said she didn’t teach anywhere before this because this is her first year teaching.

A fun fact about Mrs. Oprandy is that before this she taught at a school in Elpasso, Texas and at Richland. Montgomery is not only the home of our state capitol but also home to the first school Mrs. Day taught at.

A few people these teachers are thankful for are Mr. Forster, Mrs. Daniel, Mrs. Brandt, and Mrs. Ramey. I think they are going to love it here at Yarbrough. Please try and help these three new teachers feel welcome and loved. Treat them how you would like to feel in their shoes.

By: Kyla and Avery

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