A Christmas Carol

Coming to a theater near you!

You should really see A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. You will really enjoy the experience and all the action. It's about a grumpy man named Scrooge who is always rude and unhappy until he meets some ghosts. For example there is a ton of amazing action. The actors really make the parts exciting and entertaining. A part that had good action was when the ghost appeared. They did so well that I got really scared. In addition to the good action the clothing choices are also really cool. In the different parts of the play they find clothing to wear that goes with the scene. As well as sound. The people that are in charge of the sound effects really make the sound have a impact on the play. One part where the sound was cool was when the ghost of the past come out. Overall I think this was a great play.

Sacrifices Made

Scrooge had to sacrifice his own way of living. At first he was very mean but later on he became nicer, started donating and helped people out. At the beginning he didn't want to donate money, now he donates which makes a big impact on the people in needs life.