Principal Newsletter

A.V. Cato Elementary-Joining Forces October 17-21

A.V. Cato Elementary-Joining Forces


Teachers, please make sure you encourage your families to join PTO as-well. Please include this in your newsletters. We have 25 families who have joined, yet we have 750 families attending AVC. Please help support your PTO. It's only $2.


Michelle and I are going to join PLCs once a week. I plan on presenting our first six weeks data to all of you during PLC time on October 24th. I will show you all campus wide data, along with specific grade level data. We need to think of our kids as our kids, not my kids and my grade level only. It takes us all supporting each other, so that our students benefit from all of us. I look forward to presenting this information to all.

From the Nutrition Department:

There have been some teachers saving food that is not being consumed during breakfast in the classroom. Unfortunately, we cannot allow them to save the food as it may become unsafe (out of the safe temperature zone) and/or contaminated. Some items, such as the juice, may look shelf stable (able to leave it out), but it actually must remain refrigerated.


Please continue to check your LightSpeed daily. We are still receiving reports that teachers are not responding to emails. I continue to inform our families that we have a district filter system and that emails may be getting lost there.

Door Stops:

If you are using a giant yellow door stop to hold the door open, please bring it to the office, as they are not for classrooms.The door stops are for exterior doors only and not to be used on the wooden doors. In addition, Wooden doors should not have any door stops. If you are having issues with the door staying open- you need to email Sally so she can place a work order to tighten the arm on the door.


If your projector bulb runs out, please make sure to email Sally immediately. It takes time to have them replaced. In addition, please ensure you are turning off your projector when not in use, these bulbs are pricey.

SIT Timeline:

Last Day for Referral- Weds. October 19th
Parent Conference by-Friday, October 21st
Intervention logs sent to Melissa- Tuesday, October 25th
SIT Meeting-Weds. October 26th.
- Please make sure to review the RTI/SIT parking lot if you posted questions or have additional questions. I've addressed the questions that have been posted so far.

Pokemon Cards:

These cards continue to be an issue. Students are selling, trading and fighting over these cards, which in turn are causing a disruption to the learning environment. Please inform parents in your newsletters that these cards should be kept at home due to disruptions in the learning environment.

Literacy Night :

Literacy Night is October 18th from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm. Please make sure you inform your families of the correct times. There have been two times given; however, this is the accurate time. In addition, we need four more volunteers to work a few more activities. We have lots of teacher and staff support staff who already signed up. Thank you in advance for those who already committed to this event.
- We need three more staff members to work this event in order to make sure every station is taken care of. If you are willing to support, please email Melissa Monday, and CC me on that email. Thank you in advance.