Truancy Interventions

By Jillian France

I am the Instructional Coach at College Street Elementary. This year, I partnered with my Assistant Principal to research and intervene on truancy concerns on our campus. We have seen huge improvements in attendance compared to last year, and I would like to share with you the most impactful interventions we have implemented.

Parent Communication

The most effective intervention we have put into place to increase attendance is constant and consistent communication with parents. When attendance concern first arises, the parents are contacted by the classroom teacher. If absences continue, parents are contacted by our Assistant Principal and a Truancy Prevention Meeting is scheduled. At the meeting, teachers share the impact that truancy has had on the student and the committee implements any additional interventions.

Cougar Time

Another impactful intervention CSE has put in place is student-choice clubs. We call this Cougar Time. At the beginning of each semester, students are offered a variety of teacher-sponsered clubs. Cougar Time occurs every Friday and begins promptly at 7:50. The early start time has decreased the number of tardies on Fridays. In addition, student-based clubs have increased campus attendance on Fridays.