Eunice Carolina Davila

Bilingual Education Major, Junior Year

Why I want to be a Teacher

I've always felt really fond of my teachers and my former schools. Since I was a child I've loved the idea of becoming one and actually grew up admiring my grandmother who teaches at a high school. Furthermore a big reason is that I love reading and decided I wanted to inspire kids the love for books and lecture. I love the idea of how by this line of work you get to shape and change lives from inside the classroom, and make an impact on the outside world.


* Started babysitting since I was 14.

* Worked at a private school in Mexico for a year as assistant teacher in 3rd Grade.

* I volunteered at a social summer program and worked with middle school kids.

* Started an organization back at home to teach values and tutor troubled middle schoolers in danger of becoming drop outs.

* Made a reading campaign to fund the same school of the organization because it had a very small library.


I am a night owl, but strive to be a morning person. I learn visually but really like hand on activities. Family and friends say I am a really determined person. I have always loved working with kids because they are so blunt with their answers yet seem to have a big opinion on everything there is to learn. I enjoy being in a classroom with them because you learn so much just by being with them.

Someone said that "by learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn." I like to believe that is very true. I hope this experience will enhance my love for education and prepare me to become the best teacher I can be.