Tech Nuggets

February 2016

Tech in the Building - February

Location & Dates

Larned High School - Tuesday, February 16th

Larned Middle School - Thursday, February 18th

EEC & TriCounty Office - Friday, February 19th

Phinney - Tuesday, February 23rd

Hillside - Wednesday, February 24th
Northside - Thursday, Feburary 25th

Apps Update

If you have used the student iPads the last couple weeks, you may have noticed that some of the apps work fine one day and then won't open the next. You may have also noticed that apps are disappearing and then showing back up again on the iPads. No, we don't have gremlins. But we are having some app issues as a result of the iOS and app updates.

To the best of our knowledge, any time an app is updated by the developer the iOS is not working properly to associate the new update on the iPads. As a result, the app will not open. The Google apps seem to be the worst because Google is continually updating their apps - at least once every other week. We have been assured that when the 9.3 iOS update comes out and our iPads are updated, that this issue will be resolved. In the meantime, here is the procedure we are following:

  • Contact the Tech Office with the name of the app(s) that are not opening
  • The Tech Office will remove the app(s) from the iPad cart or group
  • The Tech Office will add the app(s) back onto the iPad cart or group

*Please note, this process takes about two days to complete as the app(s) must be completely removed from the devices before we can add them back on. Depending on the number of devices an app must be added back on to, the process could take longer. You may have noticed some recent internet disruption during the school day. This is due to the sending out of apps to devices. We have refined the process in an effort to minimize this disruption in the future; however, it may take longer for apps to get installed on the student iPads.

Our apologies for this inconvenience. Like you, we hope these issues will be resolved soon.

Updating Teacher & Admin iPads

With the change in our management system, Filewave, we have found that all teacher and admin iPads will also need to be updated in the Tech Office so they communicate with the Filewave Server. You may be wondering why we need to do this as you use your own Apple ID on the device to purchase apps. Well, there are some apps that have been purchased specifically for teacher and admin iPads using a license rather than a redeemable code. We will be unable to send those apps to your device without this connection to the Filewave Server.

So, here is the game plan. You can either contact Gwen to arrange a time for your iPad to be updated before school is out or you will need to turn in your iPad at the end of the school year for updating over the summer. Please know that your iPad will be wiped clean during this process, so any photos, videos, audio files or files saved in a specific app - like Book Creator or Notability - need to be saved to you computer first. If you need assistance with this process, please contact Gwen.

Skyward is Coming

As you may recall, the Tech Office has been exploring other Student Information Systems (SIS) due to the issues revolving around PowerSchool's outages and glitches this school year. At the February School Board meeting the Ft. Larned Board of Education approved the replacement of our current SIS, PowerSchool, with Skyward. We will begin working with a Skyward team as we migrate our PowerSchool data into Skyward. When the time comes, we will begin scheduling training sessions for staff so you can become acclimated with Skyward. It will be a learning process for us all, but the Tech Office is confident we can learn together as a district and support each other through this transition. We will do our best to keep you appraised of the process.

If you have any questions about this change, please do not hesitate to contact the Tech Office.