Gnomeo and Juliet Film Review

By: Alex Roush

This is Alex Roush from Film Review Incorporated and this is my newest review on the comparison of the play Romeo and Juliet and the animated film Gnomeo and Juliet.
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Similarities and differences in the Movie and Play

While watching this movie, I was constantly comparing and contrasting it to the play. One similarity of the film and the play is Gnomeo listening to Juliet give the speech about him from her tower or balcony. That is important so that way Gnomeo knows how Juliet feels about him. Another thing that happens in both the play and film is Paris trying to get Juliet to like her. The dad really likes Paris in both the movie and play. In both stories the young lovers keep their love a secret from their parents, and this leads to problems in both stories. You should always be honest and open with your parents. The fourth thing that is similar to the film and the play is Tybalt hurting one of Gnomeo’s closest friends and Gnomeo killing Tybalt for it. In the play, Tybalt kills Mercutio, and in the movie Tybalt cuts Benny’s hat off instead. Both the film and play end the same with the families ending the feud. Just as there are many similarities in the play, there are also several differences.

The biggest difference in the movie is that Gnomeo and Juliet live in the end. That is important in a children's movie that both main characters live. It would not be appropriate to have the main characters commit suicide in a children's cartoon. Another major difference between the two stories is instead of Gnomeo and Juliet meeting each other at a Capulet party, they meet in the Montague garden. They meet by both going to see the Orchid flower. Another main difference is the character of Juliet. She is much more outgoing and brave. Which leads to new things happening in the movie than the play. One example of that would be she is brave to go get the flower at night and that is how they meet. A difference that people did not see coming is the nurse and Paris falling in love. The final main difference is the the play is a sad story between two young lovers. The movie is a comedy that can also be for young kids. Despite the similarities and differences, the message of both stories is the same. No family feud is worth losing a family member to. Put the feud in the past and work it out for your children's sake. The movie is worth seeing if you know the story of Romeo and Juliet. I am glad that I read the true play before seeing the movie.

The songs in Gnomeo and Juliet

The songs used in the movie are appropriate for the scenes and storyline. One good song was "Don't go breakin my heart", it was used for Gnomeo to promise their love. With all the obstacles against them, they promised each other they would be together. Another song that I thought fit the movie was hello hello. When they first meet at the garden the song fits perfect for two lovers just meeting.
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Movie Rating

I would give the movie a 3 out of 5 stars. The comedy was funny sometimes, but I was not a big fan of the movie itself.
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