Letter from the Math Teacher

9th Grade Coordinate Algebra

Update from Our Class

Welcome to parent conference. As you may know, most math teachers are away at a professional math conference. Please excuse my absence. This newsletter is intended to share any changes and/or news in the 9th grade math class.

Grades are up to date!

The grades are up to date in Echo. Please contact me by email if you have questions. Students can make up quiz by completing error corrections up to the Unit test. Student must retake Unit test if the grade is below 75%.

Notebook Checks

Students had or will be having a notebook check soon. Ask them to show you their notebooks. Look for evidence of golf problems presented orally from their class peers. Also, have the students share their notes on a "Flipped" class lecture. These will be included in the notebook check list along with the number of stamps for warm up problems.

Mrs. Anderson-Johnson

9th Drew Charter Sr. Academy Math Teacher