August Kudos

Celebrating LaCocoDots Success!!!

August in Review

What an incredible transition from summer to fall!! Our team saw so much success this past month, with so many stylists beating their personal bests for sales, sponsoring and promoting. It is a month to celebrate, and I'm so excited for the momentum everyone is building for the fall. We gave away tons of ikat tote bags to deserving hostesses, jumpstart bonuses for new stylists, HOOPLA bonuses and lots of qualified stylists earning lots of business credits. So much to be happy about!!

Julie Foster promotes to Senior Stylist!!!

A heartfelt congratulations goes out to Julie Foster for promoting to senior stylist in August!! Julie's dream was to earn enough income from S&D to justify leaving a job she did not love so she could stay home with her baby. I'd say she's doing pretty darn awesome!!! She continues to lead by example by having a healthy trunk show schedule, high sales and dedicated business hours. She's the first to tell you that making booking calls is intimidating for her, but it's been so fun to watch her grow into a confident and assured stylist who knows what she wants and goes for it!!! Julie, can't wait to see where you go next!

Top in Sales

WOW. What a month for sales!!! We're so very proud of Lindsey Hermida who ended up ranked 5th in the ENTIRE company for sales in August. This is an astounding accomplishment! Everyone on this list should feel proud of what they've done. I know there are several personal bests sprinkled in here, and that's ALWAYS something to smile about!!

Lindsey Hermida, GA $14,936

Brooke Nix, PA $7,155.00

Julie Foster, GA $5,756.00

Holly Stephan, GA $4,025.00

Carolyn Barnes, GA $3,360.00

Alissa Turnbull, GA $2,899.00

Ashley Bardash, GA $2,512.00

Katy Barnes, GA $2,339.00

Mandy Hlubek, TN $1,904.00

Meagan Puckett, TN $1,668.00

Beth Okun, GA $1,242.00

Roxanne Harrell, IL $1,122.00

Whitney Davidiuk, FL $1,093.00

Amy Lodge, TN $989.00

Erica Treadwell, GA $946.00

Michael Berzsenyi, GA $829.00

Alison Frank, GA $803.00

Welcome New Stylists!!

We welcomed three new stylists to our team in August!!! We're so excited to have each of you join us and hope you feel the love!!

Roxanne Harrell, sponsored by Beth Okun

Francine Rucci, sponsored by Lindsey Hermida

Anna Brock, sponsored by Lindsey Hermida

LaCocoDots New Stylist Training Call Series

Don't forget to call in to our team training call series. Session #3 is next Monday, September 10th at 8:30 PM, EST. Reminder e-mail will be sent with call in details. This call is for new stylists and seasoned stylists alike. Topics vary from session to session, and we always end with Q&A. Special guests featured on each call.

Tip from the Top

Lindsey Hermida shared so many inspiring tips on our new stylist training call this month. She was in the middle of having the best month ever, and her tips were fresh from what she was feeling and experiencing. I'm copying her words here for all of you, especially if you couldn't make the call:

"I will 100% admit, I WAS that girl who would think to myself, "I'm not sitting down and making cold calls..." Well, without a shadow of a doubt, I now see the heavy significance of making those calls; the pure substance of putting the time into your work. It makes complete and easy sense. Making your lists of prospective hostesses and who you could possibly sign up to sponsor and following up with old customers...all of that is more vital than I initially gave it credit for. I took away that "confidence is NOT pushy!" To be forthrightly bold within our business is not inappropriate, but it is smart and eager."