DEEP Math Weekly October, 18th

Here's what's happening in DEEP math classes this week!

Have a safe and fun Fall Break! I look forward to seeing many of you at conferences next week!

7th Grade

After wrapping up our chapter on percents, we are moving into a different area of math. We will segue into geometry by using proportions to calculate measures of scale drawings. This segue means we will take a jump from Topic 3 to Topic 8 in our books. Have no fear, though! We will go back to Topics 4, 5, 6, and 7 later this semester.

6th Grade

After a very exciting scavenger hunt, which allowed us to practice a little integer addition, we are moving into a study of geometry. This means we will be skipping ahead in our books to Topic 7. For Topic 7, students will get to learn using flipped lessons. This means students will be watching videos and taking notes as homework and then practicing the skill in class. So homework and notes are flipped! The lessons will be posted in Google Classroom starting next Tuesday.

5th Grade

It's fraction time! We will begin our study of fractions with addition and subtraction. This week we will focus on common denominators and adding and subtracting unlike fractions. We will, like, totally, make unlike fractions into like fractions with a visit from Miss Wannemuehler's "valley girl" twin! Like, wow!

4th Grade

We are continuing our study of multiplying two digit numbers. This week will challenge us to show our multiplication with arrays, partial products and the distributive property. We have seen them all before when we multiplied one digit numbers by multi-digit numbers. Now we will see how they work with two digit by two digit multiplication. Our explanations of how we solve are getting so good, we might need to write our own math book!

3rd Grade

Students will continue to work on their Division Menu with a goal of achieving 100 points. The menu will be due at the end of class on Thursday, October 20th. Students may work on these menus at home. We will be starting our last topic that focuses only on multiplication and division. Topic 5 is introducing us to multiplication charts and how to use them. We will also be continuing our multiplication fluency tests this week, so study those facts!

2nd Grade

We will be continuing to sharpen our skills of adding large numbers and adding more than two large numbers. We will also learn what a conjecture is as we construct an argument in support of our conjecture. We are growing our math vocabulary every week!

1st Grade

Last week we built our logic skills by solving a few Perplexors. We even tried a few on our own, and everyone worked very hard to use the clues to find out who matched what and when! This week, due to Fall Break, parent teacher conferences, and a math test, it will be a short week for our enrichment time. We will meet Tuesday and Wednesday to play with Osmo and work some word problems.

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