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Explore the architecture during the Renaissance

Renaissance architecture

The architecture of the renaissance was the architecture between the early 15th and early 17th centuries in different parts of Europe. This architecture demonstrated a conscious revival. It developed certain elements from the ancient Greeks and Romans. Renaissance style places emphasis on symmetry and proportion. In this museum you will see some buildings and examples of the renaissance architecture.

Mankato's Museum of Architecture


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San Pietro in Montorio 1500s

San Pietro in Montorio is a church in Rome, Italy. Was built on the site of an earlier 9th century church that was dedicated to Saint Peter and is said to have been the place of his crucifixion. This church is decorated by art work on the inside. This church is known for its great renaissance architecture and its Tempietto which means little temple.

Basilica Palladiana

The Basilica Palladiana is a renaissance building located in northern Italy. The building is notable for its feature the loggia which was one of the first examples of what became known as the palladian window. The building served as the seat of government and had numbers of shops housed on the ground floor. This building also has a clock tower known as the Torre Bissara.

Rosenborg Castle 1624

This renaissance castle is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was originally built as a summer house in 1606. The castle was used by the danish as a royal residence. A room that was intended to be a ballroom was used a royal reception room used for receptions.

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Basilica of Sant'Andrea

The Basilica of Sant'Andrea is a roman catholic co-cathedral built during the 15th century renaissance architecture in northern Italy. It is one of the major works during the 15th century. The cathedral itself wasnt built until almost 328 years after it was designed. The building however had many changes and expansions that were altered by Alberti. This cathedral has a bell tower which still remains today. The bell tower has 5 bells.