UPS Careers Assignment

Unit 4 Career Planning for the Public Services

P1. Entry Requirements

I am making the decision to do the entry requirements on the Police Force and The Army because these are the two services i am most interested in the ones i would like to be apart off.

Police Force

Educational - There are no formal qualifications required to become a police officer. The profession is open to people with grades and no graduates. As well as meeting the standards above you will also need to pass a series of assessment tests before being accepted as a police officer. These are in areas like working with numbers, communication, reading and writing skills, handling information and decision making. There are possible Written and Numerical test the may be involved.

Physical - The test is base on what is to be expected in a police officers every day duty. It is described as a 'Job Related Fitness Test'. This Test doesn't make no distinction between gender or age of the candidate. It consists of two parts.

1. - The endurance test which is a test of hear and lung efficiency

2. - The push and pull test which is a test of strength to hold a detained subject or to move a detained subject to a vehicle or cell.

Medical - All new recruits need to be fit and healthy they get tested through medical assessments and fitness tests.

Smoking - Smokers are more likely to struggle in the police due to them more likely to have lung and heart problems. The medical team tests lung function and blood pressure as part of the health assessment. If new recruits smoke and want to pass then they must quit smoking as quick as possible or at least cut down.

Recreational Drugs - The police service tests for drugs during recruitment, Training and in the service. Too pass they must avoid all illegal drugs.

Alcohol - Drinking alot, especially binge drinking affects performance of the recruits and there general health. Police officers are tested at random for alcohol.

Hearing - You need good hearing to be fit for the job in the police force because you may need to hear the people you work with, members of the public and your radio in a noisy surrounding.

The Army

Educational - You may need some qualifications for certain technical roles, such as in engineering or communications. But there are alot of roles that you don't need any qualifications But there may be numeracy and literacy tests.

Physical - The Fitness test involve the Static lift, Jerry can test and the 1.5 mile run. The same fitness standards apply for both male and female.

Static Lift - This is lifting a power bag by the handles and placing it on a surface 1.45 meters tall. The weight is varied on the job role you have applied for which is between 15 kg and 40 kg.

Jerry can test - This is where you have to carry two 20 kg water containers over a set course between 60 and 150 meters depending on the job role you have applied for.

1.5 mile run - This is a time run over a fixed distance it is on a level ground and on a good running surface. Your target time will to depend on the job role you have applied for.

Medical - To join the army you need to get a GP's medical report and to pass the medical examination. To be able to pass the medical examination upu must check the list bellow because these issues could potentially stop you from joining the army.

  • Chest disorders
  • Back problems
  • bone or joint problems
  • eye disorders
  • ear disorders
  • abdominal problems
  • neurological disorders
  • skin problems
  • Blood diseases
  • Pregnancy

P2. Application and selection process

Police - The application and selection process for the Leicestershire Police. this is built up of 9 stages

- You have Check out eligibility to see if you can join the police force to see if your fit enough and your not a criminal your self and to see make sure you don't get into alot of trouble with the law.

- You may have too Attend a recruitment information seminar and sit a suitability test to make sure you are capable of joining the police.

- You will have to Complete a application form so that the human resources can see that you are suitable for the police force and to see if you have anything to other the service.

- You will have to attend a interview to see if your communication skills and people skill are good enough for the police and to basically see what you are like as person the pay you dress and your body language.
- Fitness test and assessment center workshop so that you can assessed to see if you are capable of handling the day to day work of a police officer you will be assessed of effective communication to see if your communication skills are suitable for the police and communication skills is a vital skill to have in police so must have the skill, Person responsibility so you must be able to take responsibility of yourself and your actions, You will also be assessed on Team working to see if you work well in a team because if you don't work well in a team then the police isn't for you because teamwork is a vital skill, You will also be assessed or your respect for diversity so you must not be racist you have to respect all the different races and religions and you will also be assessed on your problem solving ability because you will have to be good add solving problems because crime is a problem and being a police office you will need to solve that problem.
- Then checks will be made on the medical side of you to see if your body is functioning properly without trouble and so that you can handle the duties of a police officer then checks will be made on your eye site to see if they are functioning fine and so that you can see everything around you and finally security checks will be made to see if your not in any trouble with the law and to if you have any problems with law in the past.

- The references must be checked to see if you are a good worker and not lazy and to see if can take orders from someone else.

- Then you will be given a Appointment and 26 week placement at DeMontfort University.

The Army - This is the application and selection process for the British Army

- You must Find a role suited to you and to make sure you can handle it and keep doing it for years to come.

- You must complete a application form so that the army can see what you have to offer and to see if you are suitable for the army and the role you have chosen.

- You will have a CA Interview to see if you have made the right choice and your role will be explained you will find everything to doe with your pay and holiday leave etc.

- Then you will be given a interview with careers office who is in the army and this is to test your communication and people skills also to see what your like a person by the way you dress and your body language and you may have to do a barb test.

- Then you will go for Selection which is a Two day fitness at the assessment center

- Must have completed assessment center to begin phase 1

- After completing phase 1 you will proceed to phase 2 training which will be more specific to the role you have chosen and you will learn the skills needed in the job role you have chosen.

The requirements for the completion of the application form.

The do's

  • Complete in neat and easy to read writing
  • Complete in BLACK ink
  • Keep the form neat and tidy
  • Photo copy the application form and use the copies to make draft entries.
  • Sections that do not apply to you should be marked with N/A
The don'ts

  • Leave any section blank
  • Use of inappropriate comments or words
  • use untidy presentation
  • Ignore instructions

P3. My skills and qualities

My chosen public service is the army.


  • Teamwork - I work well in teams and this skill would be important if i was in the army and i was going into battle then its important that we work as a effective team working towards the same aim and it would reduce the amount of lives lost if everyone was working together.
  • Communication - I am quite good at communicating with others so this would be a good skill to have in army because i will need to communicate with my comrades if were in a fire fight to point out the enemy so my mates know where to shot at and this could save lives.
  • Fitness - I have trained myself to get better and better at doing fitness activities and this is vital in the army because you need to be fit to do all the jobs the solders have to do it the intense heats such as Patrolling, Carrying my own weapon and running if needed etc.


  • Pride of appearance - I always like to look my best i hate to look messy or untidy. This is important in the army because you have to look smart in your uniform and i would take pride in wearing the British army uniform.
  • Following orders - I'm good at listening and following orders that i have bee told to do. This is vital in the army because you will need to follow your commanders orders in the battle field so that i keep myself and my comrades safe but if you don't listen to orders then it could cause injuries and in worst cases death.
  • Alert - I'm quite often alert of whats around me so if i was in Afghanistan then i would be alert of the environment around me and if i was out on a patrol i would be alert of the threats that are out there so i would be watching my own back and my teams.