Weekly UPDATE GAVS Faculty

July 30, 2014


July 30 – DCs complete course checks.

July 30 - Open House 7pm

August 1 - Fall course setup corrections completed.

August 4 – 18 week student start date

August 5 – D2L Help Session 18 wk students 11am.

August 5 – AP Student/Parent Night 2pm and 7pm

August 7 – D2L Help Session 18 wk students 7pm.

What is the process for course corrections?

Please view the flow chart for the process for completing and submitting course corrections. If you make corrections in your D2L course items, submit a course correction form for the Master Course to be corrected. Let your Department Coordinator know so that teachers of other sections will be notified. If you have questions about course corrections please direct them to your Department Coordinators.
Course Correction Form: https://docs.google.com/a/gavirtualschool.org/spreadsheet/viewform?usp=drive_web&formkey=dHF6UVhoWlNwUjM2VEh5b2ZTb05aaFE6MA#gid%3d0
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Teacher Quality

-Professional Development Tracks will be offered this school year. Teachers will receive a survey soon.

-VSLA - Differentiation Module - https://docs.google.com/a/gavirtualschool.org/document/d/1X6kPfBsktqFn5yKNWbB10mkdgQvruOvhcSBPJHpvFdk/edit

-Recruitment - Please continue to refer outstanding colleagues to Georgia Virtual Learning/Careers. https://docs.google.com/a/gavirtualschool.org/forms/d/15qkx9YbVXpi1DdtH6Iqk4pqG8bE4GwwZvXIyZ1v0ATA/viewform
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Graphic created by Carrie Madden

Extension Request Process

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EDReady Pilot

GaVS will conduct a pilot program of EdReady with AP courses, 11th grade core courses and SAT Prep courses in Fall semester (18 and 16 week students only).

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Suicide Prevention Course


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Special Accommodations - Reduced Coursework

  • Instructors, when creating alternate schedules for a SpED student, should email alternate schedules to parent/student through TheSIS

  • Information on Reduced Coursework has been added to the Teacher Handbook

  • Contact special needs team with questions.

  • Reduced Coursework document


  • Special Needs Consultants Kelly, Alan, and Christina are sending out an informational Smore to all parents and facilitators of special needs students with information and helpful tips for a successful start to the semester. It could also be useful to some new regular ed students if needed. We call it “The Resource Guide for Students”. Link is below:


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Course Smart

Many of our courses utilize etexts with CourseSmart. All GaVS teachers can go to www.coursesmart.com and create an account using your GaVS email address.. GaVS teachers may access CourseSmart etext titles without charge. Check it out to access resources that could be helpful to your course.
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  • Encourage new students to create Shmoop accounts:

    • Visit http://www.shmoop.com/signup/georgia-virtual

    • Click “YES” or “NO” if you’ve ever created a Shmoop Account.

    • Enter GaVS Magic Word: LANIER.

    • Create user name and password

    • PRESTO! You can now visit “My Passes” to access all Shmoop resources.

SHMOOP Resource of the Week: Math Shack



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Information for Teachers and Reminders

  • Schedules should have something listed to guide students each day. Make sure there are no blank days on the schedules which may lead to students thinking they have the day off

  • Suggestion: Send email and make welcome calls for 18/16 week students who will be first to access courses. Contact 14/12 week students closer to their start dates.

  • Suggestion: Send welcome emails through TheSIS. Emails will be documented for QAS and save instructor time. *Instructor will be notified of bounce-back emails at their GaVS g-mail account.

  • Schedule a welcome chat for 18 week students/post recording link under Links in course.

  • Use Fall 2014 welcome email, welcome call, and welcome chat templates located in Teacher Forum.

  • News can be conditionally released. Use section release condition (located under classlist option) to set up news items in advance.

  • Check out Teacher Toolbox for help with D2L and Best Practices.

  • Review student Fall 2014 handbook.

  • Google Talk Issues in Firefox for windows - Download Plugin Version and then after it is installed, change the setting to "Always Active". Restart your browser, go to gmail and it works you click on the phone icon.
  • D2L section group names have been updated so teachers can easily identify the section numbers. All section names will now show 12 Week, 14 Week, 16 Week, or 18 Week at the beginning of the section name.

  • The “2014-2015 GAVS Instruction Calendar” was shared with all teachers. This calendar was automatically added to your Google Calendar account. This calendar includes semester deadlines, progress report due dates, and other important dates. Please make sure you can access the calendar for future reference.
  • Teachers might see duplicate students listed with the TheSIS class roster or roster export file. This is due to our Support Team updating school facilitator information. We are aware of the duplicates and this will be corrected in the near future. You could see this issue for next few weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience.