Justin Aasen

My intrests

I like to snowboard

I like to hunt

I like to fish

I am an outdoors guy

I love to four wheel and dirt bike with all my friends

I like to go to the mud boggs and have fun

I i like to work on trucks and make them mudding trucks

I love to go mudding with all my friends

One thing i like to do on a weekend is go to someones cabin and have a fire and go four wheeling

Things you should/shouldnt do when keyboarding

1. dont look at the keyboard

2. sit up straight

3. dont slouch

4. spell out the word in your head

5. dont say the word in your head

6. face your body straight on with the monitor

7. imagin the keyboard in your head

8. make sure your arms are paralel with the table

9. fingers curled

10. wrists off the table