Cell Analogy

Erin Chinnici Period 2

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A cell is just like a house because ..........

They have many similar parts that compare to organelles in all cells.

The Cell Wall is like the structure of a house because it encloses and holds everything in the house just like a cell wall holds all organelles in plant cells in the cell.

Lysosomes are alike garbage disposals because they dispose all food, where as lysosomes break sown waste in a cell.

The Nucleus plays the roll as a mom in a house because they both act as the "boss" of the cell/house. They are both in control.

Cytoplasm in a cell acts as the air conditioning in a house because they both fill the space or air surrounding everything.

Vacuoles are like refrigerators because refrigerators store the food in the house which is similar to energy being stored by vacuoles.

The Cell Membrane is like cars or vehicles that transport people out of the house or cell.