One of the most popular company's on the planet.

Blue Ribbon Sports

Nike originally started out as Blue Ribbon Sports buying their shoes from a Japanese company. Blue Ribbon grew quickly gaining popularity and employees quickly.

The Evolution of Nike

In 1971 Nike adopted the swoosh logo. In 1972 the Men’s Track and Field Olympic Trials was held in Oregon, many of the top athletes were wearing Nike shoes.
That same year, Bill Bowerman created the waffle outsole by pouring latex into a waffle iron. In 1974 Nike signed Olympic runner Steve Prefontaine to endorse their shoes, “Pre” died in a car crash that same year.

Nike Becomes a Household Name

In the summer of 1975 Nike had signed many NBA players. In 1977 a former NASA engineer (Frank Rudy) came up with the idea to put air pockets in the sole of the shoe, now known as Nike Air. By 1980 Nike was well represented, having most colleges and high schools using Nike products, and had many athletes endorsing them and using their product. But in the Mid-1980’s Nike decided that instead of paying a large number of athletes to endorse its shoes, but a small number of the best athletes. In 1984 Nike signed Michael Jordan, who was a basketball megastar, and gave him his own shoe line “Air Jordans”.

The Trainer Wars

In 1987 Reebok took the lead in the shoe market with their highly versatile shoe for women. Nike rebounded with the “Nike Trainer” which claimed to be the shoe for everything. Nike used Bo Jackson to represent their product because Bo was a MLB baseball player before becoming one of the best NFL players of the time.