Reform Movement

By Cesar Gabriel


A philosophy which say that thoughts and spiritual things are more real then ordinary human experiences and materials like money.

Ideas of The Utopian Movement

The Utopian Movement created an idea to be with a socially perfect group, it started because many people weren't happy with the events happening during that time and all the political and economical battles they had to deal with everyday, many had problems with certain laws and other thought that they could make a better place for others like them.

Brook Farm

Brooke Farm was founded by George Ripley and formed around all basic Transcendentalism ideals like individual freedoms and humane relationships. The Brook Farm community wanted unity, harmony, and a combination of ideals.
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Lexis de Tocqueville

He wrote Democracy in America, the book dealt with many issues in america like politics, economy, racism, class structure, judicial system and more, it was founded during the Utopian movement like many other authors.
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Nathaniel Hawthorne

He was very well known author credited for many books like The Scarlet Letter, The House of The Seven Gables, Young goodman brown, and many more. A lot of his novels were based around the Utopia ideas and the Reform Movement
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Henry D. Thoreau

Henry D. Thoreau was the Famous author that wrote the book Walden. He is wrote the book because he was inspired to being close to nature and the reform movement also was a big part of his inspiration, but it turned out to be a great book due to all of the events of the reform movement