By: Ezekiel Arnold

About Me

Ezekiel (Zeke) Arnold On November 15, 1999 he was born in Hurst Texas. He loves his family, friends, and God.

My Sonnet poem

Before you life was black and white

Then you came shining like a jewel

You gave my world light

And your smile was my fuel

But when you left me

Every color faded

The red yellow blue and green

Life was quickly downgraded

But then you came back

And the sparks flew again

And the feelings came back

And the you were mine again

I need you in my life, the color and the firework

Cause from the beginning I knew me and you would work

My Ode

Ode to Music

Music is my outlet

When no one is there music is

There is a song for everything

Every mood every situation

It can make you happy or sad

If you just want to lay in bed or day

Or go out and stay up all night

It can pump you up or cool you down

Make you wanna throw down

Or make it all right

ode to music cause its there when no one else is

I can sit put on music and go into a different relm

Wether the mixtape is on fire

Or the bass is too strong

It can teach you lessons and tell whats cool

Every piece of music has a story

It can be a tough journey or How they had it easy

A fun time or a tragic one

Whether its rock hip hop or pop

Music will be there

Where I'm from

I am from the star, from the oil and the corn.

I am from the protected, big comforting cooling

I am from the bluebonnet, the cactus

I am from watching football on sunday and big eyebrows, from William and Serato and Arnold

I am from the an athletic and short

From politeness and respect

I am from the cross

I'm from italy, germany

From the Korean war vet., the Master Sargent, and the hard worker

I am from Texas

My Reflection

My poems are made up mainly of past experiences and memories, my Sonnet was wrote from the feelings I had for someone and it was a true story, my where I'm from was easy because I love to think and admire my home and my family. I truly love music And you can see that in my Sonnet. I enjoy poetry and how I can express how I feel about whatever it may be.