Saatwik's Daily Reflections

January 6

I played a game where you make papers into a ball,then you shoot into a bucket.Each one you make will count as a hit,and each on you don't make it will count as a miss.At the end we made fractions about how many hits you made,and about how many misses we made.

January 8

I loved recess,because I learned lot of new flips.I went around the whole playground without falling down.Today I completed all my three must does.It was really hard,but I completed it.

January 11

Today I learned that king Christian was the king of Denmark.One of the things that happened in his life was when the Nasis solider came,and took down the flag then king Christians solider put it back.The next day the Nasis came to King Christian the Nasis said I am going to take Down the flag,but King Christian said I will put it back on,the Nasis said the next time you put it back I am going to shoot your solider,King Christian said okay next time get ready to shoot King Christian.

January 12

Today I think my favorite thing was when Mrs.Williams talked about Texas Revolution.My favorite part was,when the Mexicos and Texas army fought in the Alamo for 13 days.The Mexicans had 5000 soldiers and Texans had 250 soldiers.

January 14

I would make Mrs.Williams proud of the number talk video because I worked really hard on the video.I wrote down all the questions and the awnsers that was one of the best videos ever.

January 15

This week was a okayish week because I got so many hurts and it pains.,But this week was one of the most hilarious weeks.I finally bought a tree house in reflex math.Today I really enjoyed the book number the stars, I can't wait until Monday because the book was so suspensceful today.

January 15

Today was really fast, today was awesome because we read number the stars it was a good chapter,but the end had lot of suspense.Today I had new enrichment teacher which was called Mrs.Lucas.Today at the morning when Mrs.Williams was talking about her weekend she told us that Mrs.Williams cat got cat asthma,first of all I didn't know there was such thing called cat asthma .

January 20

Today was really fun because I got to light a light bulb without a flashlight it was really I got candy from Mrs.williams after the test,and the kisses tasted so good my mouth exploded.

January 21

Today I got to see what I have to improve in awnsers get the main prompt,because I did everything else but than awnsering the main prompt if I did awnser it I bet you that I would have 3 or 4.

January 28

Today I learned that how can you use wires to control the Mack book.The wires was connected to the Mack book,it was really cool because we all touched shervins hand,and Shervins touched the metal.The metal played the piano for us.

February 1

Today was a a really funny day because today in lunch me om,me,vikram,kapill were sitting here in a table.So me vikram and kapill were making fun of the name bob,then om said stop making fun of the name bob my friends turtle is called bob the turtle.

February 3

Today was a really good day at school because today is a very special day it is my birthday .

Today was also kind of embarrassing because Nainka changed my home screen to all hearts and wrote my name at the top,Overall today was a good day.

February 5

Today I went to art,and then I came back we did 100 days activities.We were supposed to do it yesterday but we didn't have time.Overall Today was a awesome day.

February 8

Today I learned that whenever you're get I bullied just walk away with you're chin up.Dont be friends with bullies be friends with fantastic friends.It is really important.

February 10

Today was a really awesome day because,my teacher Mrs.Williams was so generous to give each of us 1dollor to by a cookie.

February 11

Today was a really nice day overall.My favorite part was when I got to play war against kapill.The game was really good and long.The other favorite part that I liked was when I got to participate in the math challenge.Today was are really awesome day.

February 16

Today was an really good day to,and my favorite part was when I wrote a Frayer modal it was kind of hard to think the non example.Ovrall today was a good day,

February 17

Today was a normaly good day like the other days,and my favorite part was when I went to Mrs.Williams to learn about customary and metric tables.I learned lot of stuff that I wanted learn before.

February 18

Today was awesome day like couple of the other days.My favorite part of today was when I did math zones,because it was kind of hard but I could handle it.That was my only favorite part I had more.

February 22

My favorite part of today was when we measured water in different kind of cups/mugs.I learned lot of stuff about measurement today.

March 4

This week just has been encouraging,and I will give you a huge example why this week was encouraging.Today we played a game called apex ball and when I had the ball everyone was cheering me on to score a goal.