Belton Speech and Debate

One Squad, Many Voices

Week 5 - South Side KC

This past weekend Belton Speech and Debate was back at it as promised! Tournaments took place in Harrisonville for our novice and Ray-Pec for our varsity.

Novice had an odd schedule this weekend with debate only on Friday and forensics only on Saturday. Friday we had three policy teams competing with The K's (Katie and Katelynn) earning a winning record of 2-1 and top honors going to Trey and John who earned a 3-0 record and won 6th place in policy debate. Novice weren't done though as they returned on Saturday, Freshmen Sadie and Gabby earned their first hardware in their second tournament taking home 5th place overall in Duo Interp along with Sadie taking home 4th overall in Humorous Interp (HI).

Varsity also had some fireworks and an interesting schedule. RayPec allows students to enter Improve Duet Acting (IDA) during debate and during forensics students can enter in up to four events. The weekend followed the trend of late with Rafael earning his way into finals of Prose and winning 3rd place. Jay also kept pace making his third finals appearance in foreign extemp where he won 2nd place overall. We had a couple students dabble around in IDA and other unique events to learn some new things, but did come up short in the results.

Jay and Julian (The Js) attended their 3rd tournament in Policy debate hoping to defend two undefeated tournament titles with a third. The fellas completed prelims again with an undefeated run earning them the top overall seed for out rounds. The Js picked up both quarter finals against Fort Osage and Semi Finals against a strong team from Park Hill South; both rounds were won on a 3-0 decision (three judges per round, all three voted for The Js).

The fellas headed into finals about 7:45 Saturday night to face last weeks runner ups from Liberty North HS. The Js took the negative side of the round and cleverly negated a case dealing with DNA Codas limitation. Nearly two hours, a dis-advantage and counter plan later the three judge panel voted....Jay and Julian WIN their third straight tournament championship and continue on UNDEFEATED with a 21-0 record!

Jay also earned 8th overall in individual sweepstakes with only 20 points separating the top 10 students at the tournament.

RayPec Awards Ceremony

Belton Buccaneer Bash

Put the date on the books! Belton Buccaneer Bash will take place at Belton Middle School/Freshmen Center (BMS/FC) on January 22nd and 23rd.

The Belton Buccaneer Bash is a home tournament we will host for novice students throughout KC and Missouri. We are hosting to allow our students the educational opportunity to organize and administer the tournament, to reciprocate to those schools whose tournaments we attend, and to provide the community with a competitive example of our activity. The students are already hard at work to make this effort a success.

In order for a tournament to be successful, there is a lot of work to be done! We have already started working here at BHS but in order for full success for attending schools and students we will need a lot of help. We will need judges, food donations, help running a number of rooms and a lot of patience. There will be roughly 45 rooms of competition needing 45 judges each round. There will be roughly 750 students attending, each bringing coaches, bus drivers and parents. We will need to provide food for the students to purchase along with hospitality for all our guest and judges.

Most importantly judges. At all the tournaments we attend, the people who judge the students are community members who may have some or no knowledge of the activity before they decide to judge. However, experience is not necessary. What is necessary is a desire to be entertained and to help competing students to improve their performances and abilities to communicate.

Over the coming weeks you will hear from debate students asking for your help and support. Please as you can help support our program. There will also be more updates and information we go forward with more details about our tournament and how you can help!

Thank you all for your ongoing support of Belton Speech and Debate, especially with our upcoming Belton Buccaneer Bash. If you have any questions, wish to judge or support us in any other way please use the contact information listed below.

-Coach Ellis

North KC Novice Tournament

Friday, Nov. 20th, 1:30pm to Saturday, Nov. 21st, 9pm

620 E 23rd Ave, North Kansas City, MO 64116

This weekend the novice will take hold of the team and compete at North Kansas City High School.