Ms. C.'s First Grade Classroom

February 8 - February 11

This Week:

*First I would like to apologize for last week. I was out sick on Thursday and Friday and I was unable to send out our weekly newsletter. *

In Reading/LA, we reviewed Unit 3 skills as this week was a Mid-Unit Review. Students reviewed short vowel sounds, digraph sounds (-th, -ch, -sh, wh, ph), l-blends, r-blends, contractions, inflectional endings and cause and effect. Students enjoyed the stories we read this week, Froggy's First Kiss and Roses are Pink Your Feet Really Stink. We continue to practice reading for comprehension and fluency. In Writing, we learned how to identify non-fiction vs. fiction and were able to make a list of characteristics of each type of writing. Students have selected their animal for their non-fiction writing pieces. We will begin the writing process next week.

In Math, we finished up Unit 5 and started to review all the skills from the unit. Skills include: telling time and drawing hands to the hour and half hour; counting coin combinations using pennies, nickels, and dimes; Counting by 2's, 5's and 10's; addition facts to 12; base ten blocks (longs & cubes), greater than >, less than <, and equal to =; And problem solving using a 10 frame. Students will take the Unit 5 Assessment on Wednesday next week.

In Social Studies, students learned about goods and services. They also learned how goods and services are produced and the role they play in society as well as the need

Upcoming Words:


Next week is another review week!

Upcoming Events:

Friday, February 12 - No School / Teacher Workshop

Monday, February 15 - No School / President's Day

Tuesday, February 16 - 100th Day of School (Project Due)

Friday, February 19 - Spring Photos (Dress to Impress)

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Thank you to all the parents who attended Parent/Teacher Conferences!

Also, thank you for all the wonderful Valentine gifts!!

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