Computer Programmer Occupation

Life Skills For Students

What do i do in this career?

A computer programmer designs software programs through building logical work flow charts, the functionality of which is translated into one of several languages that computers can understand.

Working conditions in this occupation:

  • work in offices.
  • all you have to do is sit at a desk for a long time on a computer.


Most computer programmers have a bachelor’s degree; however, some employers hire workers with an associate’s degree. Most programmers specialize in a few programming languages.

  • be good at math.
  • sit on a computer for a long time.
  • get a certificate from a certification program.

Earnings, Current Employment, and outlook:

  • Median pay for a programmer is $71,380 per year $34.32 per hour
  • job outlook is 12% which is about as fast as average.
  • Nationally there are 1,300,000 people employed..
  • In Minnesota there are about 6,748 computer programmers works in this medium-sized occupation.


  • The pay is probably the biggest advantage, because it keeps growing.
  • it is very flexible and you can work anywhere where there is a computer.
  • Job security is an advantage enjoyed by most computer programmers.


  • you would work for longer hours compared to the other types of jobs.
  • Programming is a complex and delicate work.
  • It takes several trial and error so you need more time to do the job.
  • It is VERY repetitive.