Our Society Not Using Bioethics©

By Drew Thompson

Jenna Fox Analysis

Jenna Fox is the dream child of Matthew and Claire Fox. After an accident that was believed to be not survivable Jenna is changed. Her father owns a company called Biogel which is a gel that can replace your body. It was only used for small medical treatments and never used for replacing an entire nervous system. Jenna is now becoming two Jennas because there is one Jenna behind her past in the accident and one new one who is new and 10 percent of her left. Jenna is wanting to go to school but it is hard for her parents to decide since she is now illegal. The Biogel was made to replace Jenna but it was illegal. The Biogel made Jenna live for 200 years longer or so her father thinks. So technically Jenna is illegal and she isn't supposed to go and let herself get into public. Finally her parents gave in and let her go to school and make new friends. Then her friend named Allys figured out that Jenna is Jenna Fox and then she reported her to her parents. Her parents went to tell Jennas parents that her daughter told them. But Allys was really sick and Jenna's dad made and used Biogel to help Allys and then they made her a new 22 percent Allys. Then they lived together for the 260 years because her father overestimated it. Jenna had married Ethan and she had a kid. This was a summary for Jenna Fox. The theme was How Can You Define Human and How Can You Not. This theme was about Jenna Fox.

Legally Human

In our society we define legally human as if you were born by your parents. If you were cloned then you are not considered human and also not welcome in our society. We have very strict rules about cloning and how you are considered human. If you are cloned then you are not human and throw you in the river. This is the rule about legally human in our society. Also no life saving medicines are allowed like Bio Gel and others that would only leave 10% of yourself left. We believe that you live in peace after death and there is no need to save you because you are going to heaven. But in Jenna's society they have the same thing. They allowed small transplants and other things but not replacing an entire nervous system. That was illegal in Jenna's society too. Our society is kind of similar to Jenna's society as well.

Normal Baby

This is a not cloned baby. This is only one and was born and not tested on.
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Cloned Baby

This a cloned baby. This is a cloned baby because there are so many and they all look exactly alike.
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My society would regulate the laws concerning bioethics by how much it was. There would not be any life saving measures done because we believe everyone goes to heaven. There is no need to use any life saving things like bioethics or Biogel because with our beliefs we will be fine. There is lots of need for bioethics in other societies but in ours, no. In Jenna's society there was some need for bioethics in small transplants but not big ones. They are related because they don't use bioethics very much and we don't either so they are similar. These laws help protect our society and also Jenna's too. In our modern world and society I think we would allow people to live longer because we are greedy. But in my society we don't want people to live longer because we think they don't need too.
Ezekiel Emanuel on Bioethics
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Consequences For Bioethics

There are many consequences for bioethics in our society. First we interrogate you to see if you have used bioethics or any other things. Then if you have then we will give you one warning to leave. If you don't you will face the death penalty or be in prison for life. If we don't want you even in jail we will throw you into the river. There are many more consequences than this but those don't normally happen. In Jenna's society you would go to jail just like our society. Sometimes they would use the Death penalty. Her parents would go to jail and Jenna would be tested for so long if anyone caught her. These rules regulate to our modern society and also to my own society.


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