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Acton March Newsletter


Music Standards Update:

There are now 11 standards and the music standards are divided up into general Music and Performance Ensemble Standards. This month we will focus on Standard 11. The standards in their entirety can always be accessed at the Department of Education website:

11. Creating a varied repertoire of music by composing and arranging music with both traditional and non-traditional notation.

*The in class examples listed below are examples of activities/lessons that students will experience throughout the school year. If you have questions about when these lessons will occur, please contact Mrs. Stevenson.

Create (11): Creating a varied repertoire of music by composing and arranging music with both traditional and non-traditional notation.

K-2 - (Create 11.2.1) Utilize traditional and/or non-traditional notation to represent simple rhythms and rhythmic patterns of rhymes and songs. K-2 – (Create 11.2.2) Utilize traditional and/or non-traditional notation to demonstrate simple melodies and melodic patterns of rhymes and songs.

3-5 – (Create 11.5.1) Plan, notate, and perform rhythmic speech compositions with text, including performance indicators such as tempo and dynamics. 3-5 – (Create 11.5.2) Create, notate, and perform songs in a variety of meters. 3-5 – (Create 11.5.3) Plan, arrange, and perform accompaniments to given melodies within specific guidelines.

In Class Examples – In the younger grades (K-2) we “compose” with traditional and non-traditional notation many ways. Sometimes we do this during stations with a partner. We write a rhythm and then read it to our partner. Sometimes we write out a rhythm or melody on paper. The process always begins with whole class creation and then giving the students the opportunity to create or compose on their own. Composing is wonderful because all students love to create when there is no wrong answer! J In the older grades the guidelines simply become more defined. This is when we get to take the rhythms and dynamics and other music symbols that we know and apply them to our own creation. We begin with rhythm and then work our way to creating melodies. (Usually within a specific note range). Sometimes we begin by creating our own lyrics, then creating a melodic ostinato before trying an entire song! Sometimes we create or compose as part of a game. For example draw out a rhythm or melody and place it in a certain order. In all composition activities I strive to make composing fun non-scary!

Mark Your Calendar....

Music Dates:


March 7th – Grade 1 Related Arts Night – 6:00 pm


April 18th – 4th grade program, 6:00 pm – 5th grade program, 7:15 pm

*All school performance during the day

April 27th – Folk Dance Festival

April 30th – International Fair @ Kitley Elementary 6-8pm

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First Grade Related Arts Night

Ever wonder what really goes on in Library, Music, Art and PE class? Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 7, 2019 at 6:00 pm. The first grade Related Arts Night is a night designed for you to experience Library, Art, Music and PE with your first grade student!

Schedule for evening;

The program will begin with all in the cafeteria. First grade students will share a few musical selections and Related Arts Teachers will explain the format for the evening. Then we will split into our 3 first grade classes and you will get to spend 10 minutes in each area experiencing Library/art/music/PE with your child!

Students should wear an Acton t-shirt and tennis shoes so they are able to participate fully in the PE activities. All family members planning to participate should come comfortably dressed. Students will report to the cafeteria with their families and the program will begin at 6:00 pm!

We hope to see you there!

Miss Pierce, Mrs. McConaha, Mrs. Stevenson, Mrs. Adams and Ms. Ryan

Summer Camp Opportunities

Hard to believe it is time to think about summer camps already! Here is information on summer camp opportunities that has been shared with me. I will add more to this list as I receive more camp info. Let me know if I can help in any way!

Roncalli Jr. Rebel Theatre

This will be the 13th annual summer Junior Rebel Theatre camp! Campers will be exposed to many different aspects of theatre such as drama, voice, dance and more. This camp is open to all studentes who have just completed 2nd-8th grades. Cost is $200 per participant with at $50 sibling discount for each additional sibling. There are two camp times to choose from;

June 3 -June 28 – 9:00am-12:00pm

July 8 - July 26 – 8:30am-12:30pm

Registration begins March 1st.

Center Grove Fine Arts Academy

The Center Grove Fine Arts Academy will be offering a variety of summer musical theater opportunities for students of all ages. Visit the website below for information and registration. Registration is already open!

Footlight Summer Theater Camp

Footlight Theater, located in downtown Indianapolis, will once again be offering a summer musical theater camp for students in grades K-6th. This year the show will be “Elf Jr.” Please visit their website for information and registration. Registration begins on February 15th.


PE with Mrs. Adams

Hello, from the Acton gymnasium!! Our Kids Heart Challenge was such a success! We were able to donate $6,140 to the American Heart Association!!

We had a great Kids Heart Challenge Assembly too! Our top 5 winning donators got to duct tape Mrs. Wessel-Burke to the wall at the assembly! These top students are: Hayden Heckaman, Hadley Heckaman, Spencer Fignar, Logan Cottingham, and Grayson Covey....they had a lot of fun doing this!

Our top 11 donators got to be a part of the Egg Challenge! These top students are: Hayden Heckaman, Hadley Heckaman, Spencer Fignar, Logan Cottingham, Grayson Covey,

Braden Carman, Evynne Beaty, Lucas Harvey, Devin Neil, Charles Rigdon, and Jameson Martin! They had a blast doing this activity too!

**We will be participating in the Kids Heart Challenge next year too!

Jayne Adams

PE Teacher

Acton Elementary School