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Hello! Your RA Team at Acton wants to welcome Ms. Pierce! She is our new Media Specialist!

Art with Ms. Ryan

The students at Acton are continuing to focus on the 6 Elements of Art and incorporating them into their artwork. All grades kicked off the month of September with a focus on LINE.

The results of the Children's Museum Haunted House "Grimnasium" Art Contest ended with Acton having 12 winners!! Over 3,500 entries this year!! They will be on display at the Children's Museum outside the haunted house. Congratulations!!!!

The Art to Remember fundraiser deadline is October 3, 2018!!! These products featuring the work of your child is a great way to stock up on Christmas/birthday gifts!! The magnets are a great way to send a gift to a family member out of town in a Christmas card!!!! Our Art to Remember fundraiser is how we get the money to buy the art supplies in the classroom for our entire school. Just a reminder... you can also order online. Thank you for supporting our Acton Art Program!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our Book Fair will be on the week of Feb. 26th!! More information will be coming as we get closer to that exciting week!!!

Music with Mrs. Stevenson

Acton October Newsletter Music Music Standards Update: There are now 11 standards and the music standards are divided up into General Music and Performance Ensemble Standards. This month we will focus on Standards 1, 2 & 3. The standards in their entirety can always be accessed at the Department of Education website 1. Experience and Connect 2. Apply and Transfer 3. Explore *The in class examples listed below are examples of activities/lessons that students will experience throughout the school year. If you have questions about when these lessons will occur, please contact Mrs. Stevenson. Experience and Connect (1): Connect with a varied repertoire of music by exploring the relationships between music and personal experience. K-2 – (Connecting 1.2.1) Explore how music is used for a variety of purposes and occasions and discuss personal preference for different musical works. 3-5 – (Connecting 1.5.1) Demonstrate and explore how personal interests and skills relate to choices when creating, performing and responding to music. (Connecting 1.5.2) Identify and practice life skills developed in music studies and activities such as cooperation, effort, perseverance and respect that transfer to other disciplines and contexts. In Class Examples – Discuss different musical styles and preferences, role music plays in our lives (holidays, special occasions, enjoyment, military etc…) Discuss and practice appropriate audience behavior. Discuss and experience how creating music is a team effort. Apply and Transfer (2): Connect with a varied repertoire of music by exploring the relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts. K-2 - (Connecting 2.2.1) Identify music concepts and explore ways they are used in other disciplines. 3-5 – (Connecting 2.5.1) Discover, identify, and explore how music connects to language arts and/or science, mathematics. (Connecting 2.5.2) Discover, identify, and explore how music connects to other arts and humanities. In Class Examples – Explore the math in music – how notes relate to each other in different time signatures, discover and explore how math and art are connected, Discuss the science behind sound and how our voices and instruments produce music. Explore (3): Connect with a varied repertoire of music by exploring the relationships between music and history and culture. K-2 – (Connecting 3.2.1) Apply a varied repertoire of music representing genres and styles from diverse world cultures by singing, moving, playing, and demonstrating audience behavior appropriate for the context and style of the music performed. 3-5 – (Connecting 3.5.1) Identify, explore, and perform music associated with historical periods and connect to state, regional and national events. (Connecting 3.5.2) Compare and contrast contemporary American music with various world cultures through live or recorded authentic performances. (Connecting 3.5.3) Recognize and describe various roles of musicians in society. In Class Examples – learn and perform music from many cultures and in different languages, learn and practice appropriate audience behavior for different events, learn state and national songs (Indiana Songs, National Anthem etc…) Discuss and experience the role of music in special events. Discuss and experience the various roles of musicians in society (grade 5 field trip to the ISO, Band for UIndy participate in our Veterans Day Program, parades, Football games etc…) Mark Your Calendar.... Music Dates: November: November 9th - Veterans Day Program – 9:30 am November 15th - 2 nd Grade Music Program, 6:00 pm December: December 6th - Choir Concert, 6:00 pm – 3rd Grade Program, 7:15 pm *All school performance during the day December 9th – 2:00 pm, Choir sing with FCHS Sounds of the Season December 18th – All School Sing Along – 2:00 pm February: February 5th – 5 th grade field trip to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra March: March 7th – Grade 1 Related Arts Night – 6:00 pm April/May: April 18th – 4 th grade program, 6:00 pm – 5th grade program, 7:15 pm *All school performance during the day April 27th – Folk Dance Festival TBD (May) – International Fair What to know what is going on in music class? Follow us on Facebook! Facebook: ActonElementaryMusic Veteran’s Day We will be hosting a program on Friday, November 9, 2018 in celebration of Veteran’s Day. As part of this program we would like to recognize the Veteran’s from our Acton family. If your student has family members that are Veterans we invite you to send in pictures of your Veterans and pictures of your Veterans with your Acton Students to be included in a picture slideshow. Please scan and send pictures to Mrs. Stevenson at by November 2nd. Please include the Acton Student’s name, grade and how they are related to the Veteran in email. Please put November 9th at 9:30am on your calendar and invite your Veteran’s to join us for this celebration. We are also holding an essay contest. Students are invited to write an essay or some brief thoughts answering the question: “What does a Veteran mean to me?” Essays can be turned in to Mrs. Stevenson by Nov. 2nd. Acton students are bringing home flags to decorate in honor of our Veterans. Please return decorated flags by Nov. 2nd. If you need more copies, please contact your child’s teacher. Want to help some more? We are asking for cookie donations to provide a light snack for our special guests on Veterans Day. If you are willing to donate store bought cookies, please sign up using the sign-up genius link and return all donations to school by Thursday, November 8th.

PE with Mrs. Adams

Hello, Parents and Students!

We are currently involved in some fun stations: hockey, basketball, hula hoops, jumpropes, balance beam, gymnastics mat, pull-up bar, weights, and 4-square!

The 5th grade Miracle Mile was postponed due to weather. It has been rescheduled for Monday, October 1st. GOOD LUCK TO THE 5TH GRADE STUDENTS WHO ARE PARTICIPATING!

We had an AWESOME turn-out at our 1st Skating Party of this school year. We had 133 skaters show up. I was there too! I had a blast and it looked like everyone else did too!! Our next Skating Party will be on Monday, January 28th!! It's at Wheels of Wonder from 6:00-8:00. HOPEFULLY LOTS OF YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ATTEND!!

Jayne Adams

PE Teacher

Acton Elementary School