Distance Learning Thriving Guide

Parenting + Distance Learning 2020-21

We Asked the Experts!

In a year when schools are reopening remotely, we are all wondering how we can make sure our children stay healthy and engaged. We asked our colleagues who have been doing distance learning for years. We also spoke with mental health experts to get their perspective. We curated a few of their tips and resources for managing the pandemic-enforced school/home merger. We want you to know we're here for you. Don't forget to breathe!

1) Taking Care of You:

2) Supporting your kids through these challenging days:

Students Receiving Special Education

This article gives helpful tips on ensuring our children receiving special education are set up to thrive in distance learning. As always, the parents number one job is to understand the Individual Education Plan, and to advocate for their child.

Toddlers are one thing; teenagers another...

This article gives some good tips for how to give teenagers their space when it feels like we're all stuck in one room, together.

3) Getting your kids to help out: